5 Best Youtube to MP3 Converters That Really Work

5 Best Free YouTube to MP3 Converters

YouTube is the biggest platform for video content. You can watch any video from this platform. Some popular music brands also upload their songs through this platform. Now, everyone uses YouTube on their devices, and some people want favorite videos into Mp3. You should be happy because now it’s possible to convert YouTube video content into Mp3. 

Now, YouTube is a leading video content share stream on the Internet. It offers free space to content makers and users to use this platform. As a result, many content creators from the music and video industry are moving to YouTube as a mainstream platform to share their content.

However, the singular user may want to have their preference series of music from YouTube saved disconnected on their devices. Noting something very similar, here are the five best free YouTube to MP3 converters that will work for your concerns.

What factors need to consider for YouTube to MP3 converter? 

A YouTube to MP3 converter deals with the simple rules of sourcing the video from YouTube and changing it into an mp3 file. Several converts are available on app stores, but decent convert provides a high-quality soundtrack, with choices to download at different bit rates. These factors cover the basic aspects of video conversion. In contrast, some pro features, for example, an in-built audio trimmer for downloading just a specific piece of sound from the video record, are incredible options. Since MP3 is a broadly upheld audio format, it is prescribed to utilize audio files in MP3 format for better similarity across any MP3 player. 

Following are the features that every YouTube converter should include:

  • Give the high-quality output 
  • The choice to download at various bit rates 
  • In-built audio trimmer 
  • The choice to download in .wav format 

Why use online YouTube for MP3 converters? 

It’s because every YouTube video converter has to get data from the YouTube server for MP3 conversions, and thus it requires a web connection. That’s why you can’t do it offline, and it is mandatory to utilize online services as they are not difficult to utilize and won’t need any additional software to download on your system.

An online converter additionally gives you the privilege to utilize it on any system dependent on Windows, macOS, cell phones like Android and iOS, and so on. 

Best free YouTube to MP3 converters 

Now, we will explore the best free YouTube to MP3 converters available online to download MP3 files with great sound quality. 


MP3download is a decent video to audio converter. It can easily extract audio files from video, and it’s free of cost. It includes a user-friendly interface where you can paste the video link. It permits downloading MP3 files at different bit rates going from 64kbps to the most noteworthy 320kbps.

youtube to mp3

The most amazing aspect of this converter is the audio trimmer. You can enter the beginning and finishing timestamp before downloading. The converter will download the sound for that specific period. This will prove to be useful if you are attempting to convert video to audio files.

Core Features: 320kbps supported, Offers different sound piece rates, free sound trimmer. 


You can also consider YouTubeToMP3music, which is well known YouTube-to mp3 converter with the best features. It includes a built-in search option where you can enter keywords to look through videos on YouTube straightforwardly.

youtube to mp3

Here, while changing your video over to audio in MP3 format, you can download straightforwardly at 320kbps high sound quality starting from the drop menu. Also, the search bar accompanies progressed highlights to look for playlists straightforwardly, which it gets from YouTube. 

Core Features: Built-in YouTube search, 320kbps support, and clean interface. 


Suppose you are looking for the quickest approaches to download great quality MP3 files from YouTube videos rapidly. In that case, you should consider YTmp3.cc, which is not a pro-level converter but a powerful tool for this concern.youtube to mp3

So for your number one music videos that you rapidly need to download before a gathering or a trip, this is extraordinary assistance to prepare your music files.

Your job is to paste the video URL in the search bar and click on convert. YTmp3.cc gives you the alternative to download straightforwardly or add it to DropBox. It also accompanies a dull mode to save you from the suffering of sharp colors during the conversion process of your video.

The main drawback of this MP3 downloader is the presence of such a large number of displaying advertisements. On the other hand, it offers the quickest service to convert video into audio. If you can tackle annoying ads, then you should download them.

Core highlights: Dark Mode, Extremely easy to utilize, convert next video. At the same time, the current file is being downloaded and Save to DropBox straightforwardly.


Ontiva.com is well known YouTube video to audio converter and includes top-notch features. While you paste the YouTube video URL in the search box, it will provide you the metadata of the video, for example, the name of the uploader, number of recordings, and upload date.youtube to mp3

It just does not offer a video to audio conversion option. Still, in addition to it, it allows you to download thumbnails of recordings to set as cover art and make GIFs from your interesting music videos. You can avail of top-notch features from this app, for example, start and end timestamp, to download a specific piece of the video in audio format

Olivia is a little bit suffering app because it requires you to enroll and make a free account on the site to open all high-level features, for example, a 320kbps download. Hence you can register yourself without any cost. Moreover, you can pick a single tick to join with your Google account, something very similar. 

Core features High-quality 320kbps support, built-in audio cutter, thumbnail downloads. 


9convert.com is an incredible online converter tool to change videos you want on YouTube to MP3 format. The unique aspect of this tool is it’s supported for different languages that incorporate English, Japanese, French, Filipino, Hindi, and significantly more. This online tool has a very quick stacking speed because of its basic UI and supports downloads at 320kbps.

youtube to mp3

The whole mechanism will not take more than a minute. It includes a very user-friendly interface. Users have to paste the URL of the YouTube video and hit enter. 

Core features: 320kbps download, different languages support. 

YouTube Premium 

YouTube Premium is the official source to save your preferred music series. Still, it will be applicable only on cell phones, for example, smartphones and tablets. YouTube offers top-notch services that permit downloading songs in the YouTube Music application, which is accessible on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. In addition, it permits bother-free storing of audio sound on your extra rooms in phones. Still, the downside is it will not be applicable on a PC or laptop.

Moreover, YouTube Premium additionally gets support for background playback of a different video. So rather than changing your videos over to MP3 files, you can decide to play them online on your cell phone, where the YouTube Music application will go about as a standard MP3 player on almost all capacity of videos. 

Pro tip: You can avail of the Google Play Credits accumulated through Google Opinion Rewards to buy into YouTube Premium. 

Platforms Supported: Android and iOS. 

Which is the best free YouTube to MP3 converter? 

By consider the top-notch features and user-friendly interface, our conclusion is narrowly downed on MP3download. This is the best free-of-cost tool for YouTube to MP3 converter as we would like to think. The capacity to download high-quality audio tracks of 320kbps for great quality soundtracks and a useful sound trimmer to manage the audio clip even before downloading it make this astounding tool top our suggestion rundown to change YouTube recordings over to MP3.

This is just not a decent converter as well as a completely fledged online YouTube Video downloader. This tool also supports the downloading from YouTube at 1080p Full HD resolution straightforwardly. 

FAQs Section:

Here are some ordinarily posed inquiries about YouTube to MP3 converters. 

  • Is it Legit to download YouTube to MP3? 

As suggested by the YouTube community guidelines, it’s not legitimate to download YouTube video content regardless of whether it be video or sound. However, until now, YouTube has never sued or sent a legitimate notification to a person for downloading recordings and sounds from its platform. YouTube, notwithstanding, doesn’t empower direct downloads from its library, which is why there is no authority YouTube downloader from YouTube or Google to download recordings.

  • How to convert YouTube over to MP3? 

As we already mentioned, the best free tools to convert YouTube video content into mp3. To change a YouTube video over to MP3, you have to copy the video URL to the clipboard. Then, at that point, pick any converter from the rundown you like, dependent on the highlights you need, for example, file format, output format, high-speed conversion, direct sound extraction, and so forth. 

Afterward, you need to open the MP3 converter on your internet browser. Paste the URL in the search bar, and pick your ideal sound quality to download your MP3 record. These converters are allowed to utilize and don’t need any Video Editing Software. Once the download is finished, you can partake in your music file on any framework. 

  • Is it secure to use YouTube to MP3 converters? 

There no threat or risk to use it personal level and no chance of facing any violation, but with regards to viruses, malware, and other undesirable stuff that may enter your framework with the MP3 file, there is a little bit of danger. This isn’t a result of utilizing a converter; however, downloading any file from the web gets the danger of undesirable junk to your framework regarding outsider services. 

Cell phones like Android and iOS are similarly more secure in this angle, so you can decide to download the file on your cell phone first and later exchange it to your PC/PC. But, still, it’s not a completely safe source. You should use an antivirus scan while installing this into your system. 

  • How would I download MP3 from a YouTube URL? 

The ideal approach to download the MP3 audio version of a YouTube video from its URL is to copy-paste the URL into any of the previously referenced services. The approaches that we mentioned in this post are testified and verified so that you can try them without any hesitation in your concern.

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