Windows 11: All The New Features of Microsoft’s New Operating System

Windows 11: All The New Features of Microsoft’s New Operating System

Microsoft recently introduced Windows 11, the new version of its operating system. The first major update of the OS since the release of Windows 10 in 2015, this new iteration brings many changes that will give the system a boost. Microsoft also lives to increase user productivity with a more user-friendly environment. To get a little overview, here is a tour of the novelties brought by Windows 11, the new recruit to come and compete with Apple and its MacOS Big Sur.


The first big novelty of Windows 11 obviously lies in the design of the OS. Microsoft has opted here for a much more organized and harmonious interface than what could be found before. First of all, we are witnessing a new layout of the taskbar elements. Applications and the “Start” button are now in the center of this bar.

The same applies to the “Start” menu, which has also been refocused. On it, we can find the recently opened documents in the Microsoft 365 suite, and this even on other devices other than Windows.

We are seeing more animations that offer a much smoother rendering than on previous versions. The windows also have rounded corners that offer a more attractive appearance according to tastes. Finally, we are witnessing a real variety of themes including the long-awaited arrival of dark mode on the platform.


The Microsoft Store has always attracted limited interest from users (and even developers). On Windows 11, the app store benefits not only from an aesthetic change, but also from a redesign in the organization of apps, games, and movies. These will then be organized by categories and the search options have been enriched.

The store will bring together not only UWP apps from Windows 10 but also older apps in Win32. This will then make it possible to find all the applications you need on the Store. As far as films are concerned, third-party services such as Disney+, can be found there.


Increasingly present on competing platforms, widgets are also reborn on Windows 11. A highly customizable widget space is now accessible on a side panel. The latter can then be modified according to the tastes and interests of the user. Each widget can then either display information such as weather or news, or redirect to applications such as the calendar.


Windows 11 also brings improvements to multitasking for better productivity. This allows you to display up to three windows side by side or according to the desired layout. This organization of windows can then be reduced in the taskbar and then restored as if it were a single window. This happens automatically when one reconnects and then reconnects a secondary monitor.

This backup feature is also present in virtual desktops. The layout is kept on each desk in such a way that a specific model can be defined for each type of use. In addition, this backup can be used on another device, for example from a laptop to a tablet.


Windows 11 also brings a lot of many new features to revolutionize the user experience.


Microsoft Teams, the video conferencing platform of the Redmond firm is now integrated directly into Windows. Accessible via a button on the taskbar, it will support calls, chat and videoconferencing with a simplified interface. In addition, the tool is compatible with other OS such as iOS and Android.


Another highlight of this new version of Windows is the official compatibility with Android applications. This is done via the Amazon App Store, a nice alternative to the Google Play Store. Thus, Windows 11 users will be able to install all the apps in the store directly on their PC.


Gamers will not be left behind with Windows 11. The new OS supports not only DirectX 12 Ultimate but also Direct Storage technology as well as Auto HDR, both from the Xbox console. The set will then offer a high-resolution image with a high refresh rate while reducing latency. Apart from that, you can also access Xbox Game Pass for PC and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to get a wide catalog of games.


This presentation also claims Windows 11 will be officially released this fall. The successor to Windows 10 will then be available in the form of a free update for PCs running Windows 10, 8 or 7. New computers will still require the purchase of a Windows license.

How to download Windows 11

Now that Microsoft have released the test build, named 22000.51 for Windows Insiders on the developer or beta channel.

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