How To Make Your WhatsApp Account with USA (+1) Number

How To Make Your WhatsApp Account with USA (+1) Number 2021

It’s well known how WhatsApp started controlling our entire world. Every individual in this world already started using WhatsApp. Many of us start our day by checking our WhatsApp messages. Whatsapp has many useful features that’s why people are depending on this program. It’s safe, quick, and very easy to use. The statistics for WhatsApp shows that it is one of the vastly downloaded applications in all the application stores and it also carries the record for most active users in a day for an application. There are already lots of tricks that are available on the Internet which are cool.

Whatsapp is utilizing globally but can we Make Your WhatsApp with USA Number. yes you can formulate your WhatsApp account with a USA number fairly 

How to WhatsApp US/UK/CA Number Working 2020

Well, As we all know WhatsApp is the most famous app on Playstore and being very prominent in Asia and among all over countries as it acquaints lots of features and very valuable than any other messaging app.

Every one of us using WhatsApp every day but do you know WhatsApp hidden tricks? Ah! If no then read this article, today in this article I am going to tell you the best WhatsApp trick of 2020 to make your WhatsApp account with the USA a number, and this method is completely tested and will works. With this WhatsApp trick, you can easily make fun of your friends and relatives and do let them know that you are creative users by Making Your WhatsApp with a USA or UK, or Canada Number.

The best part of this trick to Formulating Whatsapp using a USA number to protect your number and also helps you to remain safe from the out fake calls from dupers and hide your identity from the unknown.

 If you don’t know let me warn you one thing. Buying a sim card in the UK or the USA is not easy stuff. It may become awful many times. So, we agreed to enclose this article on our site, and here it is. In this article, we will teach you in steps to create a USA / UK Whatsapp number without any prob. Let’s start.

Advantages of Having US and UK Number

Privacy: If you want to chat with some new people with whom you don’t want to share your mobile number, this trick will help you. As you are using WhatsApp from a real number your number will not be disclosed to anyone.

This is the major advantage of having a US WhatsApp number. Also, there is some extra add-on with this game. You can fool around your friends using this trick. It helps nearly with every smartphone both Android and iOS.  It is not an easy task to develop a number which is starting from +1. Also, this trick won’t cost you. Let’s have a look at the trick to using WhatsApp from US / UK numbers.

Create Your WhatsApp with USA/UK Number 2021

To Make your WhatsApp account with US Number legally and working is very simple as a one-click hack method can say. but be genuine, let us think if you need to make your WhatsApp account with a US Number with country code (+1) you should have been the residence of another country first.

This WhatsApp Trick will give you more privacy.

It makes your identity private even no one can track you.

The more interesting thing you to have a USA No. (International Number).

Well, This is the only and fastest working method at the time that anyone can utilize to create their private or Anonymous WhatsApp account by using the United States, United Kingdom, or Canada Phone numbers. You can simply bypass the WhatsApp confirmation process by using this simple app.

For this follow these steps.

  • Step 1:first of all Download and Install 2nd Line US Phone Numbers App.
  • Step 2: After installing this app, Create an Account using the Signup Option utilizing email id and password 
  • Step 3: After successful signup, you will be shifted to the next page where the app will ask you to enter the country code. Hete enter (201). If you have any particular Area code you can give that here otherwise just select No Specific code and click next.
  • Step 4: Choose any of the wanted  numbers from the list and copy the number and paste it on your WhatsApp.
  • Step 5: It’s time to establish a new WhatsApp account from your US or Canada number. Open your WhatsApp and use the mobile number you noted and click on confirmation button.
  • Step 6: If WhatsApp sends OTP then you can see it on 2nd Line App. But sometime, the OTP couldn’t get right into the app. So to analyze this you need to be tolerant and wait for some time until the Call Me option starts showing. Once you see the call me button just click that to hear your OTP.

Method #2:  Create WhatsApp Account With USA Number – 2020

This technique uses a third-party application named “GROOVE IP” which enables us to develop a virtual US-based mobile number for free. You can make calls and send SMS too using this application. But those features are not free of cost . Let us discuss what we need to use Whatsapp from the US / UK. First of all download the application GROOVE IP from your play store / App store.

  • This application is available in your App store With our long-time usage, we felt this application won’t ask you for any unrelated authorizations.
  • After installing the GROOVE IP application on your mobile, you need to sign up with your E-mail address.
  •  Now write your details and finished your enrollment.
  • Now Choose any US/UK Number
  •  That’s all Now you have been encouraged to restrict an Area code. If you have any special Area code you can give that here otherwise just select No Specific code and click on next. Now you can select a mobile number from the list of numbers. Select any of the numbers.
  • Now Your International Number is Ready
  •  Note that number. Now It’s time to formulate a new WhatsApp account from your US number. Open your WhatsApp and use the mobile number you noted and click on verify button.
  • Now be considerate and wait for some time until the Call Me option gets stimulated. Once you see the call me button just click that to hear your OTP.
  •  Whatsapp bot will call you within seconds to your GROOVE IP number which tells you the confirmation code. Now you are done with the method of creating a Whatsapp account using a US number.

3# Method: Make WhatsApp Account Using Text-Plus App

This procedure is almost related to the prior procedure except we use different applications on these two procedures. But this application has some advantages over Groove IP. You can change your virtual mobile number with this  Text Plus. First of all download this Text plus application from your play store or your App store.

  • first of all Download and install this application on your mobile.

Then Make WhatsApp Account Using Text-Plus App


  • Now click on “Create account” which is coming out on your screen.
  • Then enter all your details like email, mobile etc and develop your account on this application.
  • After sign-up, open this application and sign in with your required information.
  • Now click on the Account menu and select Tap to have a free US number on this option.
  • After that, you are provoked with the dialog box asking you for the location of the number. You can keep it default or you can change it to get a number from the selected location.
  • Now you are notified with the new mobile number which is based on the location you chose.
  • For now note the number and open you’re WhatsApp.
  • Paste the copied number and click next to have the confirmation code from WhatsApp.
  • Now a SMS will receive  in your Text plus application. Enter your confirmation code and start   WhatsApp with this new number.

Now you will have a US-based WhatsApp account without a mobile number in the US. Hopefully these tricks will help you all

Method #4: International WhatsApp Account Using

Numero eSIM

Step 1: First of all download and install NumeroeSIM App on your Android.

Numero eSIM is a VoIP App attainable on Google Play Store which gives a virtual phone number. Using the Virtual phone number, you can create internet calling and send & receive SMS established on the plan. There are many other benefits of using a virtual phone number. Since Numero eSIM aids numbers, you can handily use mobile numbers from these countries. The rest steps are almost the same as we have characterized in the above procedures.


hopefully, you like this article. If you feel this article is somewhat useful, share this article with your friends and family who are looking for this kind of information.

with the help of this game, you can make your WhatsApp number with USA Number handily, and it will also help you to ensure your identity. So let’s develop your WhatsApp account with USA Number 100% working process. NOTE: These are disposable numbers so don’t quote us on the issues of Account Banning. Proper use of VPN and use these tricks for entertainment purposes only.


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