Union Bank Balance Enquiry Number

Union Bank of India is also known as the UBI or Union Bank. It is one of the biggest Indian public sectors that contains more than 120 million customers and 4k branches in India to provide different services.

If you are a customer of UBI then you can avail of different services offered by the bank like financial functions, balance inquiry, and more. Their main headquarter is present in Mumbai and UBI getting popular because of its outstanding services.

But many new customers don’t know the union bank balance inquiry number and other ways to check account balance. However, Union bank introduced the SMS banking service. The main role of this service is to provide information about debit/credit card activities and checking account balances.

If you are a customer of Union Bank and have a registered number then you can check your online balance with the help of missed calls. You just have to give missed call to 09223008586 and checked your account balance. But there are also other ways to check balance that you know by reading the entire article.

Union Bank Balance Enquiry Number:

As we mentioned above to check the account balance you can give missed call to 09223008586. When you connect a call then your call will be automatically disconnected and you will receive an SMS that provides you with account balance details.

But remember that, it is essential to activate SMS banking to check your balance with the help of missed calls. Normally the fee for SMS banking is 15rs and you can also check the activities of your debit/credit card.

How to Activate SMS Banking?

If you want to activate SMS banking then for this you have to call the Union Bank call center number 1800222244 or contact your bank branch. Request them to activate the SMS banking and after some time they will register you for this service.

Advantages of SMS Banking:

You will get various advantages by activating SMS banking, all are given below:

  • You can check your account balance.
  • There is no need to visit a bank branch for a balance inquiry.
  • Check the mini statement through SMS.
  • You can block your debit/credit card.
  • Know the details of your check.
  • Know about the details of your nearest branch.

Mini statement enquiry of UBI:

If you are a UBI missed call service user then you have the opportunity to check the mini statement. The process to check is simple and easy, for this you have send message to 09223008486 in various formats:

  • If you have primary account then type “UMNS” and send it.
  • Other type of account holders have to type “UMNS (space) Account Number” and send to above given number.

Different methods to check Union Bank account balance:

We already mentioned the most common way to check balance, but there are other ways to do this that are given below. If you don’t know the number for the missed call, then you can try other ways.

Balance inquiry through ATM Banking:

If you are an account holder of UBI, you can check your balance by going to the nearest ATM. Steps to do this are given below:

  • First, go to the ATM and swipe your card; after this, enter your four-digit code and select the option “Balance Inquiry,” present in the menu options.
  • Those with a Union Bank account can find their balance by going to a Union Bank of India ATM and selecting the “Balance Enquiry” option.
  • You can check your UBI account balance at other UBI-affiliated banks, so there’s no need to go to a specific ATM.
  • If you want to check your previous ten transactions, we recommend using the mini-statement option.

SMS Banking:

It is the other standard method to check the account balance. You have to type “UBAL” and send it to 09223008486. After this, the bank will send you an SMS in which account details are present, along with the balance. But remember one thing you have to do this with your registered cell phone; otherwise, you will not get any response.

Umobile Banking App:

The first thing you have to know is that the mobile banking service offered by the bank is the other option for users who own smartphones. The thing you have to do is download and install the Umobile (Union Bank of India Mobile) banking app.

Next, complete the registration process and log in to your account with the help of a username and password. Now you can easily check the balance of your account with the help of Umobile app.

BHIM Union Bank Pay App:

The BHIM Union app is the next application you can use to check your balance. This application also provides you the opportunity to transfer money without any difficulty.

The BHIM UPI app provides customers with a Virtual Payment Address (VPA). And with the help of VPA, you can receive and send money without internet banking credentials.

DIGI Purse:

Union Bank of India has also created its mobile wallet application. With the help of this wallet, you can easily do many works like balance checks, bill payments, recharge, and many more.

If you are a Union Bank customer, then make sure to download the Digi purse to manage your account on the go easily.

Union Sahyog App:

In the application, the next option is Union Sahyog to check the account balance. This app has too many features, including the call button for balance checks. When you click the call button, then automatically, your phone will dial a balance check number, and you will receive an SMS.  

Passbook Print:

Customers can see their account balance by taking a selfie with the Union Selfie and accessing mPassbook, an electronic version of the physical passbook.

If you don’t have an account, then you can open one with the help of an application, you just need a cellphone number, Aadhar card, and PAN card.

The app will provide you the opportunity to add multiple accounts and check their balance.

Internet banking with the help of Portal:

First, you have to go to the UBI account and then log into your account with the help of the website. But you can do this if you have an account in UBI.

The best part of the online portal is that you can access different services like account statements, balance checks, NEFT, cash transfers, IMPS, and many more. Besides you can also pay your bills and credit card payments.

With the help of USSD:

The easiest way to know your UBI account balance is by dialing *99#, which is the USSD-based banking number. This is the best digital banking initiative that is taken by the Indian government. The best part of this service is that a common number is used for all banks.

When you dial this number for the first time then you have to complete the registration process. After this select the option “Account Balance” and you can check your balance.

Customer care:

If you are an account holder of UBI then you can call the customer care number which is 1800 22 2244. When you dial this number first you have to select the language and then the banking option. After this enter your fifteen-digit account number and then enter your card number. In the last enter your ATM pin and check your account balance.


How can I check my last 5 transactions in Union Bank of India?

To get the details of the last five transactions or mini statements then you just have to send an SMS “UMNS” to 09223008486. But remember that send this SMS from your registered mobile number.

Can I check my union bank account balance online?

Yes, you can check the account balance online but for this, you have to be an online banking customer. Once you activate this service then you can check your balance easily.

How do I check my Bank balance?

The most common method to check your balance is to give a missed call at 09223008486 and you will receive an SMS. But there are other ways to check the bank balance that are you can read in this article.

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