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Types of Web Application Testing: How To Choose The Right One?

Types of Web Application Testing: How To Choose The Right One?

Web application testing is a set of services that can include various types of software testing.

The main goal of any testing, including web application testing, is to detect all bugs in the software and develop recommendations to prevent them in the future.

Three main questions that can be solved with the help of web applications testing

Does the application functionality meet the demands?

Functionality testing is the process of evaluating the behavior of an application to determine if all developed features behave as they should. For the product to work correctly, all the processes must work as specified in the requirements: from differentiation of access rights during authorization to correct logoff.

Functionality testing is an essential part of web app testing, so choosing high-quality functionality testing services is of particular importance.

Will the application work properly on all devices of end-users?

Compatibility testing is the process of evaluating an application’s behavior in different browsers, operating systems, and on devices with different screen resolutions.

Since not all users install updates as soon as they are released, it is recommended to test the product’s compatibility with several of the latest browser versions and operating systems.

Can the application withstand a large number of users?

Performance testing is a set of tests aimed to determine the performance limits of an application.

After the testing, the experts will provide a report that will contain the following information:

  • Response time statistics from the server for the most important operations;
  • Charts showing the dependency of application performance on the number of users simultaneously working in the program;
  • Data about the maximum possible number of users the system can handle;
  • Information about the stability of the system and its ability to withstand a constant load;
  • Statistics on errors;
  • Conclusions about the effectiveness of the system, errors in its performance;
  • Recommendations for improving system performance;

Other risks that web application testing eliminates

Depending on the focus of your business, web application testing can also help with answers to the following questions:

  • Can unregistered users access the application?

Security and penetration testing allow you to determine how and under what circumstances an application can be compromised.

Analyzing and assessing the security level of an application is the responsibility of security testing engineers.

In addition, if the application uses personal customer data, it is important to ensure that passwords are sufficiently strong and user data is fully protected. This task will also be performed by security testing engineers.

  • Is your app culturally and linguistically relevant to the target regions?

A localized product always gives more business opportunities. The process of checking the quality of localization is called localization testing.

Aspects that are checked by experts in localization testing:

  1. Translation of page content and user interface elements;
  2. The format of data and time;
  3. The designation of monetary units;
  4. Various graphic elements;
  5. Legal regulations;

If your business is governed by strict legal regulations, the last point can also be entrusted to compliance testing experts.

  • Does the software product comply with all necessary regulations and standards?

The purpose of compliance testing is to determine whether the application complies with the legal regulations and standards.

Here are five questions, answering which will help you to make the right choice:

  • What is the goal of your software product development project?
  • What challenges have you already encountered?
  • What are the main project risks?
  • What strategy do the quality assurance professionals suggest for the goals and complexities of your project?
  • How do testing experts recommend you minimize the risks?

If the goal of your project is to enter a market as quickly as possible, you should test the functionality of the product and make sure that all requirements have been taken into account during development.

If your goal is to enter the international market, then localization testing should be an essential stage of your project.

If the use of a software product involves operations with confidential user data, include security checks in your testing plan.

To make sure that web application testing does not turn out to be a confusing and long process that does not bring the expected results, it is important to choose the right kind of testing. You can contact an experienced QA team who offers professional web app testing services.


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