Quickly Fix Twitter Something Went Wrong, Try Again Error 2020

Quickly Fix Twitter Something Went Wrong

If you are a Twitter user then you will definitely be facing an issue of “something went wrong” try again this issue most of the Twitter users are facing but there was no any kind of error on Twitter User Interface, since Twitter redesigned its User Interface this is the common error every user is facing, I tried hard to sort out this issue but all the efforts were fruitless.

Whenever I log in to my Twitter account an message appear on user display “something went wrong” and instantly an option appear at the bottom that was “try again” I tap many time on big blue button to sort out this issue, when I was reading tweets, open notifications or open any other icon I face same problem but all in vain, then I tried to refresh my page may this resolve my problem and I tap F5 key then another stunt was right-click on the page and reload the page  but again I face same issue “something went wrong” try again I tried again and again but all the times efforts were useless then I decided to refresh hard my page by pressing CTRL and F5simultaneously from start without using any browser cache, when we talk about browser cache, it stores temporary information which are running on our browser, in this way I resolve my issue temporary when I open my Twitter page this error message didn’t show but when I open notifications and any other icon again this irritating message appear. This issue starts with UI designed and launched to the public.

We have three different methods that may sort out your problem:

  1. Modifying date and time on your PC
  2. Clear cookies and site data from the address bar on your web browser
  3. Try a different web browser (if you are using Firefox, then try something else that may resolve your issue.

Keep on reading to know more and properly about it.

How to fix this error message “something went wrong” try again?

Update time and date on your system PC:

If our web browser has the wrong time and date on your PC it may lead to a Twitter web page and also create problems in the Twitter page as well as others page also.

Follow the steps to set your time and date:

Step 1:In the first step press the key Win + Rand then gives control timedate.cpl and tap enter.

Step 2:In the second step from the window of Time and Date choose the Internet time and then press on the change setting.

Step 3: Then on the last step in the server field enter the pool.nto.org and then click on update now.

After performing these steps if you are facing the same problem then the problem is somewhere else, some people sort out their issue by following modify time date but some remain stuck with the same issue for those people we another solution that is clear all cookies and all other web browsers on your browser if they are running.

Clear cache and cookies:

If modifying time and are not working for your issue, then you should clear all cookies and cache from your web browser, if you are logged in on your Twitter page then tap on the information icon which is present before the URLs of the Twitter web on the address bar of Firefox browser, after tapping on information icon it will take you an option of removing cookies and site data, there will be all previous URLs of the Twitter web page if you clear all cookies and site it will log you out and again you have to log in again from the start but most probably it will sort out your issue.

Follow the following steps to clear cookies and site data:

Step 1: Go to web browser firebox a

Or any other and visit the website Twitter.

Step 2: When you logged in then go to the lock icon which is present before the URL in the address bar.

Step 3: Choose an option to clear cookies and site data.

Step 4: There will display many URLs or domains relevant to the Twitter page but you have to clear all cookies and site data for this purpose click on the Remove button to continue.

Step 5: When you clear all then restart the web browser and again visit Twitter you will have to log in again.

These two methods will sort out “Something went wrong”, if the same problem you are facing after did these two steps then you try to change your web browser.


if you are facing any issue in your web browser then try to refresh your web page by press the F5 key. If doesn’t work then try hard refresh to the web page for this purpose press CTRL + F5 key simultaneously, but sometimes your web page faces the same problem, in this case, you can do two more things that modifying the date and time and clearing cookies and site data, their proper mechanism to perform already mentioned. We modify date and time because sometimes wrong date and time may lead to creating a problem and also remember by clear cookies and site data it will log you out from web site and you have to log in again.

We still could not find why these problems have to face users on the User Interface. It’s a bug virus or something else, but we will wait for your thoughts and feedback.

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