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Turbo C++ Installation Process – User Guide

In the universe of programming, languages are crucial because they play a role as a bridge and allow humans to convert their thoughts into instruction for the computer.  C++ is the leading language among the different languages, and you will find many compilers on the internet for C++. 

If you are interested in programming, then C++ will be your concern, and you may need to download it. The purpose of this post is to make you familiar with methods by which you can download and install Turbo C++ on a PC laptop. Turbo C++ programming works for both C and C++ languages. Now, we will go ahead and explore how to download Turbo C++ software and the method of its installing on your PC or laptop. 

Some people didn’t try ever to download this software, you don’t need to worry, and we will give your proper guidance. But, first, you to go on the download page from the given Download link and then follow instructions given in the below section.

Here is the Method to Install Turbo C++ on a PC/Laptop: 


  1. First of all, you have to go on the download page and download the Turbo C++ software file in your system. 
  2. If your system already has a record of any Turbo c version, you must first uninstall that version.
  3. Afterwards, you need to extract the file from the zip and appear to be like “super C++.zip.” 
  4. Now, to install this software, just run or Double Click on the “setup.exe” file. 
  5. Then, follow the instruction as stated on the screen. 

Suppose you have followed the above method but fail in the installation or facing any error. In that case, you should move to the following method.


  1. To start with, you have to double Click on Turbo C++ Icon from the Desktop. 
  2. You will see the option of “Start Turbo C++”, click on it to run turbo c++ in full-screen mode. 
  3. If you prefer not to open in full-screen mode, then uncheck the full-screen mode checkbox before tapping on the “Start Turbo C++” option. 

Software System Requirements for Turbo C++

Operating system 

  • Windows 10, 8.1 and 8  
  • Windows 7, Vista and XP  


  • No Pre-Requirement
  • .NET 4.5 system Required 


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