Torrent9: the site available on a new address in 2021?

Torrent9: the site available on a new address in 2021?

On the web, there are countless torrent download sites. Among these, one of the best is Torrent9. The latter regularly makes changes to his web address. Discover this site and the new address it has in early 2021.


Created since 2016, Torrent9 is a site for downloading files such as videos, games and music. Millions of users regularly visit this site and help enrich the huge library it represents. In these times of health crisis, downloads on torrent sites in general and on Torrent9 in particular have exploded.

It is one of the most visited torrent download sites in recent years and can be used without prior registration. On a torrent download site like torrent9, we necessarily find these files called torrent. A torrent is a kind of map in which information about the file you want to have is encoded.

To really get ownership of your file, you must download it and open it in a software made especially for this: the most famous software are Bitorrent and μtorrent. These various software are called torrent clients. You can also share in your turn the torrent files that interest you to benefit the thousands of users who might be interested in them.

What makes Torrent9 such a popular torrent download site is first of all the total free of the files offered. Then, to use Torrent9 and download a file, you don’t need to sign up. You are looking for the file that interests you and you can directly download the torrent attached to it.


As a rule, downloading and sharing files is legal on the internet, but only for files that are royalty-free. On Torrent9,you will find files shared by users that are not royalty-free. However, Torrent9 is not an illegal file download site. Starting from its principle which is to download and share files, this site is in itself nothing illegal. On the other hand, the sharing and downloading of non-royalty-free files operated by the various users make this platform a site with illegal content.

The Torrent9 site regularly changes its web address as regular users of the platform have seen. These repetitive changes are ways to bypass the government, which is seeking to shut down the platform because of the non-legality of the shares and downloads that are carried out there.

Indeed, the illegal sharing of video files (series and films) is a real brake on the film industry, which no longer pays for the fact that consumers, instead of buying films or series, download them illegally. There is then a drop in the inflow of money and a sharp fall in the film economy. Especially in this period of health crisis where no more filming is underway, the world of cinema needs to make profits. However, these illegal downloads are a huge obstacle.

Since its inception, Torrent9 has experienced no less than 10 name changes for its web page. Thus, in 2021, Torrent9 has a new official address:

This new address can change from one moment to the next if the designers of Torrent9 deem it good for the survival of the said site. In addition, Torrent9 is also the subject of several imitations of its web page. Multiple trap sites exist using roughly the same URL. So be sure to be on the only good Torrent9 site before launching a download at the risk of downloading viruses on your computer.


To access the real torrent9 site, you need to use a VPN. The latter is a system that protects you from the High Authority for the Dissemination of Works and the Protection of Rights on the Internet (HADOPI) when you download torrent files on Torrent9 by making your downloads anonymous.

Without a VPN, your IP address appears in your torrent client and so you are traceable and within the reach of people in bad faith who can use your IP address. Today, the use of a VPN is mandatory to have access to Torrent9 in order to protect users of the site from a few lawsuits. However, be sure to equip yourself with a great VPN. Free VPNs are mostly not reliable. So, it will be necessary to put the price to download torrents safely.

In addition, a conscientious movement of young people today is pushing them to act more legally to support cinema and the economy in general. In particular, a legal file download platform wins the bet at almost all torrent sites. This is obviously Netflix which is becoming more and more popular all over the world.

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