Top 6 Styles for 3D Art Development

Top 6 Styles for 3D Art Development

Graphics are an important part of creating a video game. It should not only be attractive and interesting, but also harmonious with the overall concept of the product, emphasizing the plot. For example, in order for the buyer to understand that the product suits him, demonstration is important, that is, photorealism. Poor quality graphics can interfere with this. If we are talking about children’s content, then here we need interesting animated characters that delight children.

Next, we will analyze five main 3D graphic styles that are capable of optimizing game products in one way or another – applications, games, and other projects.

Five styles for creating 3D graphics

To better understand the gaming industry, the features of developing an animated product, as well as the methods by which it becomes interesting and delights the user, let’s consider such a stage as the creation of 3D graphics. To do this, developers use five styles, namely:

  1. Realism. With this graphic style, it is possible to show the user objects as they are. That is, the world appears before the viewer in its real appearance, but in digital format. It does not need great power to recreate human faces in full accordance with the real ones. Style allows you to convey the atmosphere so that people perceive it through sensations, that is, it is based on the visual perception of the picture. Used in the creation of simulations and trainings, as well as some other genres of games. The fact is that realism helps the viewer to immerse themselves in the world that is depicted on the screen. This is what is so important when it comes to simulations and training.
  2. Photorealism. With this method, developers recreate the world digitally. It is important that the viewer perceives it as fashionably more realistic. To do this, all objects are transferred in their smallest details. The main task of this style is to convey the object as we see it in reality. Photorealism is still little used in animation, but in the field of creating games on innovative AAA platforms, this is already being practiced and quite successfully.
  3. Anti-realism is fantasy, science fiction, steampunk. This is one of the most sought-after styles, which is actively used today to create virtual board games and many types of computer games. Each of the genres has its own distinctive features. For example, fiction involves the use of plots with alien creatures and races of other worlds, for which special colors and physical parameters are used. This helps a person to understand that in front of him is nothing but an inhabitant of another planet or world. An important feature of this style is the unique image of objects and the self-expression of the developer. This style is mainly used in creating games for PC and mobile devices.
  4. Collage. The peculiarity is the use of a wide range of tools and materials: ink, paper, felt, and so on. They are combined with state-of-the-art digital techniques to produce spectacular, high-quality products that are works of art. Collages can be different in genre, level of complexity of creation, for example, colorful children’s or surreal and provocative. It is important that these are objects of art similar to real ones. This style is used in the creation of game products for children. It can be entertainment or educational products.
  5. Cartoon animation. This is one of the most famous graphic 3D styles that not only children but also adults adore. Taking into account modern possibilities, developers create animated videos in three-dimensional format, characters, nature and the world around them look like real ones. Such videos are more reminiscent of films, how accurately characters are conveyed in them. The style is used in the creation of video games, animation and gamified content.

These are the main types of 3d art that developers introduce into their process of creating game products in various areas – educational, simulation, informative, entertaining.

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