Top 28 Virtual Meeting and Conference Platforms and Software

Top 28 Virtual Meeting and Conference Platforms and Software

Pivoting virtual event technology has become the necessity of a digital era. The pandemic has bought unforeseen circumstances in our day to day life. Businesses around the world are tested time and again. However, the recent health crisis motivated organisations worldwide to adapt the virtual ways of communicating with remote employees and attendees. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has been a catalyst in upsurging the demand for virtual conference and virtual meeting platforms.

Today, hosting a virtual conference or a meeting has become an integral part of every industry. Google trends clearly denote the maximised searches of virtual meetings and conferences in the year 2020. Businesses have adapted virtual means of communications to stay connected with employees and exchange information seamlessly.

It has not been discussed long before that events will transform in the digital space in the next 5 years. However, one crisis, and here we are already hosting virtual conferences, meetings, and events in full-fledge. The demand for the virtual conference platform and software has skyrocketed. It helps businesses to connect, network, and collaborate seamlessly at their convenience. Today, leveraging virtual conference and virtual meeting platforms has become the need of an hour to keep running smoothly and consistently. In this article, we have narrowed down the potential virtual meeting and virtual conference platforms and software. Check out the list below to select the perfect virtual conferencing and virtual meeting platform for your business needs.

Top virtual meeting and virtual conference platforms:


Dreamcast is an all-in-one top leading virtual event and virtual meeting platform. A perfect virtual venue to host any digital event. Whether you are planning to host a virtual conference, meeting, trade fair, exhibition, or any other event digitally, Dreamcast offers 24*7 real-time assistance. The in-built features offered by the platform upscale the entire event experience while keeping attendees excited for the entire event. The live chat functionality offered by the platform enables attendees to have life-like conversations in real-time via audio/video chats. Whereas the platform offers various formats for networking to closely replicate the look and feel of on-ground events.

The platform offers a platter of comprehensive engaging features to keep attendees engaged with the event throughout. You can simply organise live polls, surveys, Q&A sessions, and more to boost interactions at virtual conferences and meetings and gain audience insight. Additionally, whiteboard, live streaming, gamification, real-time analytics, desktop sharing, document sharing, teleporting, digital footprinting, AI-matchmaking, and more are some other features offered by the platform for smooth delivery of an online event.

Zoho Meeting

Zoho Meeting is a popular web-based virtual conference software. It enables you to host instant virtual meetings, virtual conferences, and webinars without any downloads or plugins. Screen sharing, display tools, etc. are some other features offered by the platform for a seamless virtual conference or meeting.


GoToMeeting is an all-in-one virtual conference software solution that enables people to network and collaborate virtually. It allows attendees to join, manage, and host virtual meetings and conferences seamlessly. Businesses use GoToMeeting to host a virtual conference or online meetings with a larger group of people. The chat functionality offered by the software enables attendees to exchange messages in real-time.

Cisco WebEx Meetings

Just like a virtual conference platform, Cisco WebEx Meetings offers video conferencing services. It enables organisations to host virtual conferences and meetings with remote team members to meet, connect, and collaborate seamlessly.


Pathable is a comprehensive virtual event platform that offers virtual event solutions for everyone. A virtual venue to host a virtual conference, meetings, and trade shows and deliver immersive online event experiences.

Infinite Conferencing

Infinite Conferencing is a browser-based virtual meeting platform that enables enterprises to conduct virtual conferences and meetings effortlessly.

Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is one of the best virtual meeting platforms utilised by organisations to host virtual meetings and conferences. Right from offering various features like desktop or screen sharing, messaging, video chats to offering the functionality to customise digital rooms to match the brand image, the platform offers all.


Slack is a virtual meeting software that enables remote team members to connect and network via messaging tools. The software is streamlined with multiple features that make virtual networking easy.

Zoom Meeting

Zoom meeting is a well-known software that allows businesses to host virtual conferences, meetings, training seminars, webinars, etc. seamlessly. The software facilitates attendees to share screens, documents, presentations, and can have a simultaneous exchange of messages via live chat functionality. Zoom meetings can last up to 40 minutes each with the basic plan.



Skype is the most famous and easy to use virtual conferencing app. It enables people to connect with a single person or a group of participants at once with ease. Many enterprises conduct virtual meetings and conferences over skype for a long time.

Google Hangouts

A no-cost virtual conference platform that is installed in google tools. Anyone who uses google can conduct virtual meetings or virtual conferences over google hangouts. The platform enables one to conduct 1:1 meetings or can even connect up to 10 members via instant messaging or phone calls.


Intermedia is an all-in-one communication platform that syncs video conferencing tools, instant messaging, and desktop sharing tools on a service based in the cloud.


Join.Me is a virtual meeting platform that enables users to change URL links as per their choice. Additionally, it allows users to select the background they wish to display during virtual conferences or meetings. Join.Me can also sync with other tools like Outlook and Office 365.


ON24 offers an opportunity for marketers to host interactive webinars and virtual conferences.  Live polls, surveys, monitoring engagement, and real-time conversations are some features that are offered by the platform. It helps in gaining audience attention while keeping them hooked. You can even record virtual conferences in multiple takes.


HighFive is a comprehensive virtual meeting platform that enables you to host virtual conferences and meetings. The unique feature in-built into the platform does not require any password or pin to join an online meeting. The platform allows users to wait in a virtual meeting room until they are allowed in a meeting by the manager.


BigBlueButton is majorly used by professionals for online training. But, the platform even facilitates businesses to organise webinars and virtual conferences. The platform offers the ability to share desktop screens, video and audio, messages, notes, and so on while working with other users simultaneously. 


As the name says, the software is completely free. The virtual meeting software enables businesses to organise meetings with team members remotely. The tools offered by the platform enable participants to collaborate and network with group members by making calls, desktop sharing, messaging, drawing, and so forth.

RingCentral Meetings

RingCentral Meetings is a virtual meeting platform that offers a free plan and customer support for its users. The platform does not allow sharing with outside users and only offers local recordings.


A virtual platform that enables businesses to host a virtual conference or meeting in a safe and secure visually rich digital environment. The comprehensive features offered by the platform facilitate attendees to have conversations in real-time just like physical conferences.


ClickMeeting is an easy to use virtual conference platform that offers various features. The platform offers customisable digital meeting rooms and a wide range of features for the smooth delivery of virtual conferences and meetings. A range of collaboration tools such as desktop sharing and facilitation are the key features of ClickMeeting.


Intrado conducts a large number of virtual events every year using cloud-based technology. The platform enables businesses to host virtual conferences and meetings as well.


Vfairs is a commonly used virtual conference platform for hosting virtual meetings and conferences with remote workforce and global delegates. The live chat functionality offered by the platform enables attendees to have free-flowing conversations in real-time.



Pexip is considered as one of the efficient virtual meeting platforms. The platform is being used by enterprises to conduct virtual meetings and conferences. It facilitates users to hold online meetings on various cloud services such as Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, & Microsoft Azure.


ezTalks Cloud Meeting

ezTalks Cloud Meeting is a virtual meeting software that is free of cost for up to 100 users. The platform offers various features such as messaging, video and audio chat functionality, screen sharing, document sharing, and more. Features offered by the platform enables users to share writings, screenshots, drawings, and have conversations with other participants. ezTalks Cloud Meeting is compatible with every device and browser.



LiveWebinar is a versatile platform perfect for hosting virtual meetings, virtual conferences, webinars, summits, online classes, and more. The platform does not require any download or plugins to kickstart the event. LiveWebinar offers a range of features starting from whiteboards, breakout rooms, chat features, polls, screen sharing, customisation options, and so on to host a seamless virtual conference. 


Lifesize is another virtual conference platform that offers 4k high-resolution videos to display clear images. Additionally, the platform also offers video sharing tools and an interactive touchscreen interface for digital conference room phones stored in the cloud.


Facetime is a well-known feature for all apple users. It is used by a large number of people to connect with friends and family. Facetime can also be used for business purposes as well for conducting online meetings. The feature enables users to conduct virtual meetings or group chats with up to 32 participants.


Digitell is another virtual platform that enables you to host virtual conferences or meetings. The platform offers an enhanced digital interface that helps in grabbing the attendee’s attention effortlessly.


Final Word

With the change in times, the demand for virtual meeting and conference platforms has upsurged. These digital innovations by tech-freaks prevented many businesses from dipping down during the recent global health crisis.

Connecting to local as well as global delegates and remote employees becomes much easier with virtual conference platforms and software. It’s a known fact that people are not going to be a part of large physical gatherings anytime soon. Undeniably, virtual hybrid events are the future of the event industry as it enables attendees to connect and network from the comfort of their own space.

However, it helps businesses around the world to collaborate and network seamlessly irrespective of geographical locations. Looking for a virtual conference or virtual meeting platform to host your upcoming conference? In this article, we have penned down the top 28 virtual meeting and conference platforms and software that best suit your needs.

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