Top 200+ Best CMD Tricks, Tips and Hacks of 2021 (Command-Prompt Tricks)

Top 200+ Best CMD Tricks, Tips and Hacks of 2021 (Command-Prompt Tricks)

If you are looking for the best CMD tricks, you are following the right track. A secret Terminal in Windows is outstanding. This terminal is productive for hacking and security purpose. This feature is declared the most mainstream instrument for windows. However, some people have an idea that this feature is not for them. In any case, it’s false! Command Prompt Tool (CMD) is a valuable instrument, But the more significant part of us doesn’t know how to utilize it? So to clarify every one of your questions identified with CMD. in this post, you will get a List of 200+ CMD Tricks, Hacks, and All fundamental things that could assist you with learning the CMD Tool.

The command prompt, otherwise called CMD tricks that let you do things that are restricted in the GUI of the Windows OS. There are various CMD tricks that you can use as a tool. Command prompts are somewhat outdated. However, they are very excellent and convenient if you need to explore an area or if you need to redo your PC utilizing various settings.

Indeed, dealing with command prompts is a tricky and challenging process, but if you know about the latest method, it will be less time-consuming, which is the positive side. You will get the best CMD tricks that will be very useful for you by reading this post.

About Command Prompt (CMD)

You should not be confused between the command prompt and CMD because both are the same tool: command-line interpreter on Windows NT, Windows CE, OS/2, and eComStation operating system. In Command Prompt, we could guide a particular activity appointed to a program to play out a specific assignment.

Step by Step Guide to Open Command Prompt:

  1. To start with, you need to click on The ‘Start’ Menu. 
  2. Secondly, type ‘CMD’ or ‘command Prompt’ In the inquiry box. 
  3. Click on The CMD as demonstrated in the image. 

Another Method:

You have to press Windows Key + R simultaneously, and it will lead you to the Run window, where it will require you to type CMD and hit enter.

List of CMD Tricks & Hacks of 2021 (Command-Prompt Tricks)

  • Getting help

In this trick, it doesn’t matter you are a newcomer or have much expertise in command prompt. Both of them can use it because there is a great deal you can pick up utilizing this trick. This trick will let you get the information of pretty much every command from the command prompt. This information enlightens you regarding the command prompt’s function, what cycle is utilized and shows you a few models. If you want to perform this trick, you have to type “/?” toward the finish of the command whose data you need.

  • Use of Function Keys

Every function key owns a particular function which are F1, F2, F3… till F9. The capacity of each function key is recorded underneath: 

  • F1: This function key owns the capacity to paste per character last utilized the command. 
  • F2: This function key will work for you to paste the last utilized command just to a predefined command character. 
  • F3: By utilizing this function key, you can paste the Last utilized command.
  • F4: It can delete command just to a predetermined command character.
  • F5: Using this function key, you can pass last utilized the command without cycling. 
  • F6: This function key will allow you to Paste ^Z.  
  • F7: This function key gives a rundown of effectively utilized commands. 
  • F8: Using this function key, you can paste the cycle-able utilized commands. 
  • F9: You can paste the command using this function key from the rundown of late utilized commands.

  • To Copy Data From Command Prompt


The command prompt copy data process s slightly different means you can’t do it by using the shortcut key CTRL+C. If you need to copy data from the command prompt, then you right-click anyplace on the window and afterwards click on ‘mark’ starting from the dropbox. Presently, select anything you desire to copy. Lastly, hit enter to copy that part. Nonetheless, f you are using Windows 10, you can do it copy from the command prompt by using the keyboard shortcut key.

  • Check IP Address of Any Website

Sometimes people need to check their IP address which is an easy process, and you can do it.  First of all, you need to enter the “nslookup” command alongside the site’s name, and the results will give you the IP Address of this website.

  • Execute Different Commands in an Order

If you ever feel the need to perform command one after another consecutively. This trick will help you in this concern. It will require putting “&&” between two back to back commands to perform them consistently.

  • Scan the System Files

If you have enough knowledge about this command prompt, this command will help you scan and repair your system. Type “SFC/scan now” and hit enter. The scanning will promptly begin, and it will either fix the documents or furnish you with the subtleties of any issue experienced.

  • Create Permanent Folders

This command will let you create a permanent folder. It will need you to toe the most despicable aspect of the disk in which you need to make this folder followed by either “MD con\” or “MD lpt1\” and press enter. The last code should look something like “D: MD con\”. 

You should know that the new folder you created has the same name. This lasting folder must be erased utilizing the command prompt, and to do that, it will require you to swap “MD con\” with “rd con\” or “MD lpt1” with “rd lpt1” and hit enter.

  • Compare and Check The Difference

This command prompt can compare two text files and compare how they differ from each other. To execute this command prompt, you have to type the “FC” command to enter the catalogues of both content documents. The design of this command prompt should resemble “FC nameoffirstfile.txt nameofsecondfile.txt” and hit enter to acquire the examination consequences of both the records. If both the documents have no distinction, the order will get back to the message, which peruses “no distinction experienced.”

  • Encrypt Files using Command Prompt

Encryption is very beneficial for some people who have critical data, and they don’t want to let its access anyone. In his case, the command prompt helps a lot. Using the command prompt, you can undoubtedly encrypt files on your PC. To get this purpose, you will initially have to change your functioning catalogue to the folder which contains your files. You can do this by utilizing the “compact disc” command, and afterwards, you’re “Ciper/E” and hit enter. When it is finished, every one of the documents in this folder will be encoded. 

The important thing for you is to keep remembering your credentials, or otherwise, the consequences will be severe; this encryption will be of no utilization. These encoded documents will open ordinarily from your account, and it will deny access if anyone tries from another account.

  •  Create a Wi-Fi Hotspot

Setting up a WIFI hotspot on the computer is also frequently persona do, and the command prompt makes this task easily. You can restrict your WIFI hotspot to a specific number of devices without utilizing any outsider application. In the below section, we mention the step by step guide to set up your hotspot WIFI. 

    1. To start with, you need to put the content “netsh WLAN set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=HotspotName key=Password” in the command prompt and enter the name of your will instead of ‘HotspotName’ for your hotspot name and ‘Secret phrase’ with an exceptional secret phrase of your decision. Presently, hit enter to save the changes. 
    2. When you have to broadcast your hotspot, you should type “netsh WLAN start hostednetwork” in the command prompt so the gadgets close to you can catch the signal of WIFI with your hotspot. 
  • If you are not interested in sharing your hotspot and want to break this spreading, you should utilize the command “netsh WLAN stop hostednetwork”. This will quit broadcasting. You should repeat the step on the off chance that you need to restart the telecom, and it will start broadcasting again.
  •  Shut Down Computer with CMD

These trick almost the need of everyone. By using this command prompt, you can likewise shut down your PC. To get this purpose, you need to type the accompanying command in the command prompt.

  • For Shutdown: Shutdown – s 
  • For Restarting: Shutdown – r 
  • For Logoff: shutdown – l
  •  Netstat CMD Command 2021

Netstat is considering among the high useful command prompt. It is a significant apparatus when you need to know about setting up an association with your PC. The yield of this command gives you the data pretty much all dynamic associations and listening ports. Check the beneath traits to execute this CMD: 

a (show all association). 

n (sorts association in mathematical sequence).

b (show executable name. that is program name).

Final Words:

Command prompt or CMD tricks complex process to use but if you get to know then it will be prompt or CMD tricks complex process to use, but if you get to know, it will be beneficial for you, reducing time-consuming in performing different functions. By CMD tricks, you will use Windows operating system in entirely different manners, and it also includes some high profile settings. 

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