Top 10 Birthday Video Makers to Make Wishes Fun [Updated 2023]]

Top 10 Birthday Video Makers to Make Wishes Fun [Updated 2022]

Wishing people cards and gifts looks like an old-fashioned idea, and not everybody wants to be wished this way. As technology has evolved, our lives and routines have also been updated and modernized. Similarly, the way of wishing people has also changed, and now, there are E-cards, quotes, and text wishes common in today’s world.

For wishing your loved ones, you can now embrace innovative ideas and create animated videos with the help of an animated video maker. For this reason, the article will introduce 10 free animation software.

1. Doratoon

Doratoon is a powerful easy-to-use animated video maker that helps users create amazing and interesting birthday videos. The features of Doratoon birthday video maker are enriched with Artificial intelligence and animated characters that help you develop the video as you want. Moreover, it also allows you to add music from the software’s built-in music library.

Now, let’s acknowledge the exciting and helpful features offered by Doratoon to make birthday wishes fun:

  • Animated Characters: You can add animated characters to make videos alluring for toddlers and teenagers.
  • AI Intelligent Dubbing: With Doratoon, you can also transform the text into a speech and add it to the video after regulating the speed.
  • Formatting Texts: The application enables you to beautify the wishes in the birthday video. You can use the Bold, Italics, Underline, and Alignment options.
  • Animation Effects: Doratoon lets you add and customize animated effects with a simple mouse click to make compelling birthday videos.
  • Birthday Templates: Doratoon provides users with multiple unique templates that can be used across the birthday videos to make them attractive.

 Find more birthday video templates across Doratoon to make your videos captivating to watch.

2. Biteable

With a huge range of animation and templates, Biteable provides quality substitutions to its users. You can add texts in the video and cartoon characters for wishing birthdays to a toddler. With 2D and 3D effects, the user can add temptation to his videos.

It’s very easy to create a video with this software, as it allows you to either start from scratch or choose a template. You can select scenes via Biteable birthday maker and add texts, music, and pictures of your choice.

3. Powtoon

It’s super easy and fun to make birthday videos with Powtoon, as the animation creator offers 100s of ready-made templates from which you can choose and customize them. There is no technical knowledge required to design the birthday video. Powtoon lets the user create fun videos by adding wishes through text and adjusting the video with suitable music.

It also offers animated characters, effects, and objects, including infographics, 2D, and 3D, so that users can create professional videos.

4. Animaker

It might seem a daunting task to create birthday videos that have 2D animation and appealing effects in them. However, Animaker has made it quite easy due to its pre-designed 2D animated videos. You can upload your assets or select characters, animated texts, and properties and create a customized video.

One more exciting feature is the music library of Animaker. You can set the rhythm of your birthday video by adding joyful music from the library.

5. Vyond

With Vyond video maker, you can create brilliant videos to wish your loved ones. It offers ready-made templates that you can customize according to your wish. Vyond provides thousands of props and the option to add advanced movements. The application offers a 14-day free trial to the user, in which he can try all the features and satisfy himself fully.

With Vyond, you will be given the highest security during video creation. Moreover, it is not even hard to use this software. You need very slight technical knowledge to customize videos.

6. Renderforest

Making an engaging birthday video within a short time is now achievable with Renderforest. This birthday video maker can be used to create birthday party invitations, slideshows, animated greetings, and e-cards. The application allows you to add colorful pictures of your friend, type heart-felt texts, and fit a cheerful soundtrack to create a beautiful wish.

It’s easy to navigate through Renderforest’s website as they have categorized and sub-categorized all the templates so that you can find the best match. Moreover, you can also create new colors or choose from the available color palettes.

7. Pencil2D

Another easy-to-use animation creator, Pencil2D, allows us to make 2D hand-drawn animations. You can rotate the images or scroll the background with the Camera layer to create effective animations. Pencil2D is open-source and completely free software. With the help of Pencil2D, you can join characters, backgrounds, effects, and objects to create fascinating birthday wishes.

This cross-platform runs on Linux, Windows, macOS, and FreeBSD. You can shift between vector and workflows to sketch, ink, and paint effortlessly.

8. Adobe Animate

Designing interactive animation for birthday videos is no longer difficult with Adobe Animate. You can warp and rig together to craft animation. Moreover, it supports additional animations and sound clips that you can merge in the video to make it look accordingly. However, the animation maker also allows you to choose from various audio rigs, characters, backgrounds, and motions.

9. Blender

An open-source and free animation software, Blender has wide-ranging modeling tools to help in creating, transforming, and editing objects. You can use advanced sculpting tools, brushes, 3D painting, and textured brushes to create a birthday card or video model. Moreover, Blender has a controlled interface that enables the user base to adjust the colors, sizes, fonts, and layouts.

There are 32 slots for adding effects, videos, images, and scenes in Blender. Moreover, you can also access transitions, keyframes, and attractive filters to create your desired birthday-related content.

10. Moho

A powerful 2D animated video maker, Moho has made it easy to create professional and powerful content. This 2D free animation software enables you to create scenes and characters or import images to develop a birthday wish. With Moho, you can draw, rig, and animate without effort.

The user can create cute and pretty characters for girls and boys by animating the curvature, gradients, opacity, and colors to animate any style.


We all secretly want our friends and family to wish us love and excitement. However, not everyone knows new thrilling ideas to wish their friends on their birthdays. The article has elaborated 10 best animation makers containing a bundle of innovative ideas and features that will help you make beautiful ecards, videos, and invitations

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