Quickly How to Fix SIM not Provisioned Error 

How to Fix SIM not Provisioned Error 

You must have received an error saying “SIM card not provisioned” while adding a new SIM card. It can put you in some difficulty while doing that. Normally it happens when you are trying to replace an older SIM with a new one. In this article, we are going to discuss how you can resolve the issue of “SIM not Provisioned”.

In most of the Android phones including Samsung, Oneplus, MI, Huawei, the error of “Sim not Provisioned” for voice is one of the most common errors. Although not all of these methods described in this article solves this problem. But you may choose any alternative methods to solve your problem.

But before we go into the ways to resolve this, first we would like to let you know what is it and why it occurs.

What does “Sim not Provisioned” mean?

You may encounter the problem mostly in Google devices and other devices as well. T6he “Sim not provisioned for the voice” error means that you are not able to communicate via voice calls. However, it does not interrupt internet connection and other activities on your phone. Apart from that, your UI may also fail to load.

There might be multiple reasons behind it. We are going to address some of them.

Causes for SIM not Provisioned”

There may be the following reasons for the error of “SIM not Provisioned”

While Swapping the SIM.

While Transferring contacts to a new SIM card.

Whenever you replace your sim with a new SIM card.

Network issue, No Coverage area, also cloudy weather.

In most cases, The SIM card company’s servers are not available.

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As the name indicates SIM stands for Subscriber Identity Module. It means that sim contains every necessary information to identify subscriber’s account with a database of mobile’s network providers.

What is actually the “SIM not Provisioned for Voice” error

The error “SIM not Provisioned for Voice” mostly occurs in Google devices connected to the Google Fi network, which is an amalgamation of mobile and wi-fi networks.

In most cases, you are not able to make calls. Below we are going to tell you how you can resolve the issue.

What does the “Sim Not Provisioned” error mean?

If you see that the “SIM Card not provisioned” error specifies a number, then it is almost because you have a dual-sim phone. Every slot is numbered so that you can see “SIM 1 not provisioned” and “SIM 2 not provisioned” errors. You do not need to worry about it. It simply indicates that as you follow the steps mentioned below, then you execute the process twice, for each and every SIM card. Follow the instructions below to resolve the issue.

How to fix it to fix the issue

Although it looks unlikely, if you turn your phone off then you can simply resolve the issue. So, first, try this method to get rid of the error. You need to follow the usual steps to restart your phone and wait a few moments. After a few moments, you will see that there is no longer an error message and you will easily activate your SIM.

Insert the SIM correctly:

Sometimes, you may encounter the problem because you do not insert the SIM in the slot properly. It results in an error saying “SIM not Provisioned”. If this is the reason, you should turn the phone off, and remove the SIM card from its slot. With the SIM removed, you can check it for any damage. Clean its chip contacts phase.

After that, reinsert the SIM, and see if the error is showing or not. Apart from that make sure that you have inserted the sim at the proper place. Sometimes it is difficult to remove the SIM card. You may want to use tweezers, or jimmy it out from underneath if a removable battery is a reason behind it.

With the SIM card removed, give it a blow, and clean with a lint-free cloth. Then you can replace the SIM card, by carefully placing it at the right place. There is mostly a sticker next to the SIM card slot, or an engraving proving information about the correct orientation of SIM. Replace the SIM card in your phone and then power up again. The “SIM not provisioned” error will no longer appear.

Activate your SIM card

This can also be one of the reasons behind the error “SIM not Provisioned”, showing on your phone. Mostly the SIM card is activated within 24 hours you insert the SIM. If it does not activate within 24 hours, then you can activate it by using one of the following options.

  • Call an automated number
  • Send an SMS
  • Log onto the activation page on the carrier’s website

Although, all of these methods are reliable but also depend on whether the carrier supports them. Most probably, you will be able to activate your SIM and no longer will receive an error message “SIM not provisioned”.

Contact your Carrier

If the problem continues in spite of using all possible methods, here is the time to call your carrier. Tell them about the problem you are facing and explain to them the procedures you have tried to resolve the error.

The problem may arise as there is an issue with the activation server. It may cause hindrance in activating your SIM.

Sometimes, the process of SIM card activation takes time due to failure in the network operator’s server. If they agreed that there is a server issue, let them fix it. It will help you get your SIM card activated on an effectively running server.

Have a new SIM card

You could call your network for this, however, you’ll likely see it’s quicker to head to a local phone shop. They can run diagnostics on the SIM card and resolve the “SIM not provisioned MM2” error. Don’t worry, if you are continuously facing the issue, then you can replace your SIM with a new one. Get a new SIM card to solve persistently occurring problems.

The “SIM not Provisioned” get fixed

Remember that this error “SIM not Provisioned” will hit Android Devices that actually uses SIM cards. So all of these fixes will work if your SIM is compatible, easily fit in the slot.

Through this point, you are supposed to understand why your phone is showing the “SIM not provisioned MM2” error message actually. Note that you have five options to solve this error:

  • Restart your phone
  • Check the SIM is correctly inserted
  • Correctly activate your SIM
  • Contact your carrier for help
  • Get a new SIM card

If none of the above-recommended solutions work then you will need to contact your carrier or network provider and ask them for a replacement of SIM card.


We hope you like the article and find the solution to the error “SIM not Provisioned”. We look forward to your comments and suggestions. You can ask your question and queries without any hesitation. Do not forget to leave your honest feedback on the article.

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