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SBH Balance Enquiry Number by Missed Call

Users of the State Bank of Hyderabad may find out how much money they have left in their accounts by just making a missed phone call. Consumers utilize conventional means to find out their account balance in most cases, such as going to the bank and updating their passbooks.

You may also check your SBH account balance through net banking or mobile banking, although these methods are difficult for the elderly to use. It is ideal to have a smartphone or laptop with internet access to check balances through digital ways of banking.

Giving a missed call from your registered mobile phone is a terrific method to determine how much SBH money you have left on your account. Because it doesn’t need an internet connection, it’s perfect for seniors.

Recharging your sim card before making a missed call is the best option. Learn how to find out your SBH account balance through missed phone calls using the steps below.

How to Check SBH Balance with Missed Calls?

  • To begin, SBH Missed Call Balance Enquiry service Toll Free Number 0922376666 from your registered mobile number and leave a voicemail for someone. After 2 or 3 rings, the call will be automatically terminated.
  • It won’t take long until the SBH bank sends you an SMS with the remaining money.
  • You may check your SBH bank balance at any time using this technique, and you will not be charged for missed calls if you use it.
  • It would be best to keep in mind that you will not get SMS updates unless your cellphone number is registered with the State Bank of Hyderabad. To put it another way, let me show you how.
  • SBH Balance Check & Mini Statement Enquiry Missed Call Number Toll-Free Number 0922376666.

Missed call service registration and activation on SBH

  • Register your phone with the State Bank of Hyderabad by completing the procedures outlined below:
  • Send REGSBH (Your Account Number) to 09223488888 by typing it in the message field. Send REGSBH 0123456789 to 09223488888, for instance.
  • When you send the SMS, you’ll immediately get a response saying, “Your Registration Is Successful.”
  • Alternatively, you may go to your local SBH bank and get your phone number registered with your account so you can check the amount of your SBH account holder.


How to find out the remaining balance of my SBH account through Mobile?

To get SBH Balance Check, you must make a missed call from register your mobile number to 09223488888.

What is the best way to find whether my SBH account is active?

To find out the current status of your account, contact the bank’s customer care department. You may also go to your bank’s office. Of course, going to the bank with your account number would be beneficial. In this way, you will find out about the current status of your account.

Final Words:

This post will make you able to check your account balance. Logging into your online banking account or visiting the branch are other ways to check the balance of your SBH bank. You may also see how much money is left in your account by going to the closest automated teller machine. Which strategy works best for you is entirely up to you to decide.

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