Here is the Pokecord Commands Starter, Challenge, Dueling

Here is the Pokecord Commands Starter, Challenge, Dueling and All

Pokecord is a well-known bot, and it’s the type of discord bot. Discord bot is a set of programs developed for online gamers. Using this, they can communicate and chat with their friends while playing the game at a time together. 

Pokecord specifically developed for the game Pokemon, and it’s considered as the discord bot. Firstly, this bot was launched on the 22Nd of November 2017 all over the World. This article’s objective is to make you familiar with commands, server, hacks, and everything about Pokecord. You need to stick with this post.

What Is Pokecord?

Pokecord can play multiple roles like a battle, collect and trade. All these functions are conduct by users. It’s an interactive and extensive discord bit. While you have pokecord, then Pokemon will be ready to take instruction from you. Once you get notified of pokecord, then you can see it in your chat. Now, it’s your first task to guess the Name of Pokemon for its claim.

  1. Pokecord Commands

Your server will own the “p!” by default, before of your command. Before we begin, you can get your Pokemon Number for a specific pokemon with the p! pokemon – name <Pokemon Name>” command. Thus, you will get your Number through this list.

  1. Starter Commands

Once you have chosen your Pokemon, you need to do a couple of commands immediately. They are valuable to have empowered, so there’s no genuine motivation not to do them. 

  • p!detailed | Basically, this command has a function to reveal more insights regarding your Pokemon when utilizing p! Pokemon and p!info, your Pokemon’s IVs will be shown by it, which are fundamental in the event that you need to fight or decide the Amount one is worth. 
  • p!order<Option> | This command makes work easy for you and direct Pokemon do task according to your directions. You have the decision to do: in sequential order, Number, level, or iv. I, by and large, locate that IV is generally utilized.

Pokemon Commands

  • p!catch<Pokemon Name> | You will utilize this command and the Right Name to get it when a wild Pokemon produces. 
  • p!hint | Will show a piece of information to the right now brought spawned Pokemon. 
  • p!select<Pokemon Number> | This command will decide which Pokemon will get XP from talking and which will fight. 
  • p!select the most recent | This command chooses your most recently capturing or redeemed Pokemon. 
  • p!info | It will show the data of your SELECTED Pokemon. 
  • p!info most recent | It will show the data of the LATEST Pokemon you’ve gotten. 
  • p!info<Pokemon Name> | By using this command, a Pokemon will be displayed with its base details. 
  • p!info sparkly <Pokemon Name> | Its purpose is to show the glossy version of a Pokemon with its base details. 
  • p!info<Pokemon Number> | It will show the Pokemon’s data appended to this
  • p!pokemon | Use this command to display the list of your Pokemon. It likewise indicates subtleties, like Level, Number, IVs, and Nickname. 
  • p!pokemon – name <Pokemon Name> | It will show the list of Pokemon you own of that specific Name. 
  • p! Pokemon – sparkly | this command will show your glossy Pokemon 
  • p!Pokedex | By this command, Pokedex will have appeared with various the Number of you owns. 
  • p!pokedex – unowned | It will just show Pokemon you need to gather. 
  • p!nickname<nickname> | This command gives an alias to your chose Pokemon. 
  • p!mega | It will work to develop Pokemon to a Mega X or Y. You should have a Mega Evolution purchased. They cost 1,000 credits each. 
  • p!release<Pokemon Number> | This will deliver a Pokemon. If you do just p!release, it will endeavour to eliminate your picked Pokemon. However, fortunately, it gives you an affirmation brief previously.


Challenge Commands


Challenges in the game come with new updates, and if you complete all challenges, you will be rewarded with gifts.

  • p!challenges, it will show all available difficulties for the user to complete.


Favourite List Commands

  • p!fav | It will show a list of your favourite Pokemon! 
  • p!addfav<Pokemon Number> | Take a pokemon into your favourite list.
  • p!removefav<Pokemon Number> | It will remove a Pokemon from the list of your top picks


Duelling Commands 


In case you need to fight your colleagues, you’ll need to use these commands. You can win credits and XP by wining from your rival.

  • p!select<Pokemon Number> | It will be the Pokemon you use in the fight. 
  • p!moves | It will show decided Pokemon’s current exercises and the accessible moves. 
  • p!learn< Move> | It’s the attempt to get familiar with the Move you’ve picked. It would be best if you chose which activity you need to replace. 
  • p!replace< Number> | It will replace a current move with the one you are attempting to learn. 
  • p!duel<@Username> | Challenges the select Discord client to a Duel. Please make certain to @ them and not simply type in their Name. 
  • p!accept | It will accept a duel on the off chance that you are challenges by someone. 
  • p!use<Move Number> | You chose Pokemon will utilize the Number recorded by that Number.


Market Commands 


The market permits you to sell and buy Pokemon. You are purchasing Pokemon with credits; these can be got by duelling or selling your got Pokemon. 


  • p!bal | It displays the number of credits you have. 
  • p!market search <Page number> | It will display mentioned page of the market. 
  • p!market search <Page number><Search Options><Order Option> | This command will do search the market. 
  • p!market see <Pokemon ID> | It will display detailed data for a Pokemon available. 
  • p!market information <Pokemon ID> | It’s the alternative to see. 
  • p!market list <Pokemon Number><Price> | It will display a list of pokémon available. 
  • p!market purchase <Pokemon ID> | It will purchase Pokemon from the market. You should confirm your buy with p!confirm buy or drop it with p!cancel. 
  • p!market eliminate <Pokemon ID> | It will eliminate one of your Pokemon from the market. 
  • p!market postings <Page number> | It will show a Pokemon you have recorded on market.


Exchanging Commands 

  • p!trade @User | Use this command to start trade with someone. They will, at that point, need to do p!accept to accomplish the work or p!deny to dismiss it. 
  • p!p add <Pokemon numbers, separated by spaces> | It will add one or different Pokemon to your trade offer. 
  • p!p eliminate <Pokemon numbers, separated  by spaces> | It will eliminate one or different Pokemon from your trade offer. 
  • p!c add < Amount> | It purpose to add credits to your trade offer. 
  • p!c eliminate < Amount> | Its purpose of eliminating credits from your trade offer. 
  • p!confirm | Confirm the trade. The two clients should affirm for the work to experience. 
  • p!cancel | Use this command if you want to cancel the trade


General Commands 

  • p!daily | It will let you decide in favour of the Pokecord server on the Discord Bots site. You get 100 – 250 credit for doing this like clockwork. 
  • p!silence | Toggles your level up messages. On the off chance that you visit servers that have Pokecord, it will alarm when your Pokemon step up. This may be irritating to some, so you can silent it with this command. 
  • p!redeem<Pokemon Name> | Use this command if you have saved and available for you. Then, you will be able to get a Pokemon of the Name you entered. 
  • p!redeem credits | Use this command if you want to sell a save you own for 15,000 credits back to the actual bot.


Bot Commands 

  • p!botinfo | This command displays general bot data. 
  • p!invite | It will share the bot’s invite link
  • p!donate | It will share a link to revive the bot
  • p!patreon | It will share the link to the bot’s Patreon page. 
  • p!server | It will share the link to the bot’s official server. 
  • p!appeal | (Official Server Only) Ventures to give you unbanned from the authority servers on the off chance that you were prohibited out of the blue.

Server Commands 


  • p!prefix<prefix> | Sets worker prefix. You can transform it on the off chance that you don’t care for the “p!” before each command. 
  • p!redirect handicap | If you want to permit spawns taking all things together channels once more, you can utilize it. 
  • p!channel empower/impair | This will enable and disable p! in the track you are presently in. 
  • p!levelup empower/incapacitate | It will enable and disables level cautions. 
  • p!clear spawns empower/incapacitate | It will enable and disables the cancellation of produce message once a Pokemon is


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