How To Describe Painting as a Hobby

Painting as a Hobby

Hello everybody! In this topic, we will discuss painting. Painting is a hobby that helps you to refresh your mind, allows you to relax, enjoy and learn at the same time. Many people are interested in painting, and some make it their hobby, and many other people make it their profession because they love art. You can say that the artists play with colours and they don’t speak, but their paintings say everything that is called an actual art.

No one has time to spend with their hobby in this busy life, but we should make time for our interest. Painting is a mind relaxing thing that keeps your mind relaxes. Everybody has a hobby, but I have personally loved art and painting. Many other people’s hobby is painting they play with colours and scatter paint on the canvas and other solid surfaces.

Painting Tools

Everything has a basic need for its work like when you want to paint your basic need is tools without tools you can’t do anything. For painting your primary need is brush everybody knows that without brush you can’t paint, but there is not only one type of brush. If you are a beginner you should paint on an extra canvas when you feel that you can paint now, then you can apply colours on your final canvas sheet it will give you a better result.

If you want to know about the colours, so you pick some primary colours that are yellow, red, blue, white, and black, these colours help you.

By mixing yellow and blue, it makes “Green” colour

When you combine yellow and red, it will turn into “Orange”

By mixing blue and red colour you get “Violet” colour

These primary colours help you make other colours that will save you money and paint in your budget. Using the bottle colours you after taking the colour don’t forget to close the bottle’s cap.

Types of Paint Brushes:

There are different types of brushes that have different sizes and shapes for different purposes. You should know which brush you have to pick for your painting.

  • Round
  • Flat
  • Mop
  • Angle
  • Fan
  • Bright
  • Rigger

Every brush is made for a different purpose; there is a vast list of paintbrushes. Using the brush must wash it properly with water; otherwise, it will get harder and won’t be used next time.

Painting for Kids

Play is the key to learning. Painting set up for kids should be simple and in the open fresh air. Once you get how to paint, you have got it for the whole life.

Painting is the messiest thing mothers don’t feel happy when their kids play with paint. Making the painting easy for kids gives them 4 to 5 primary colours, a painting brush and a canvas with easel and let them do they want to paint.

If your kid cannot paint with a brush give them acrylic paint pens they are good for kids and easy to handle just like a pen.

Rock Painting for Kids

Rock painting is very common among kids and the easiest thing to do paint. When your kids start painting, you can give rocks and pebbles to your kids. It is effortless and attractive to decorate your house. You can paint rocks with different colours and keep them in your bedroom to decorate it. Your garden has so many rocks you can paint them too.

There are so many colours in the market, but best paint for rock painting is acrylic paint pens.

What Paint is Best for Kids?

We have a painting product on Amazon, that is acrylic paint pens by Stango. You can get these colours for your kids; it will help your kid work smarter and better. Stango is providing you best quality of the markers with 18 colours that are Yellow, white, rose, red, orange, light green, light purple, dark blue, agate green, black, gold, silver, light blue, light violet, chocolate, mint green, walnut, burgundy.

All the above colours are an essential requirement for painting.

The tip of the paint marker is fine, smooth and easy to dry. These paint pens are specially made for kids because kids are careless towards their accessories. The body of the marker is made of PVC material which is strong and drop resistant.

Things to decorate with paint pens

If you are a beginner and don’t want to invest in material to paint you look around your home, you get much material for painting. If you like gardening, you must have plant pots you can paint them with different colours take primary colours and brush and start painting.

If you want to present things to your friend and loved ones you can make cards and paint them, acrylic paint pens are also good to write your precious words on cards and papers.

Glass painting is also a good idea we have so many mugs and glass at home you can paint them. If you have jars, you can apply your colours on them. Glass has a glossy surface; it takes more time than other surfaces. If you are a beginner you avoid to paint on the glass it is a little bit harder for beginners because of its slippery surface.

Dry leaves are also can be painted with painting markers. Old frames are also used to paint the acrylic paint pens are suitable for all kind of surfaces especially: glass painting, rock painting, fabric, mugs, ceramic, porcelain, wood, garden, canvas, paper, DIY craft, shoe painting, and scrapbooking.

Painting Tips

Whatever you paint initially, don’t compare yourself to others you work is unique for you.

Try to paint something daily, the more you paint, the better you get so keep practising.

When you paint something first, you should focus on a large area and then work on smaller details.

While painting keeps a water jar or glass with you to wash your brushes when water changes its colour, waste the water and take clean one.

Take pictures of your painting. Pictures are your work record and compare your latest work with the previous one.

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