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OSMOSE Technology Pvt Ltd Review

OSMOSE Technology Pvt Ltd

Osmose Technology is a legit company selling fashionable clothes to kids, men and woman. Their website has been online for several months now with little feedback from customers regarding its legitimacy or if it’s worth your time to purchase something on there – so read our review below! With osmose technology you might think that the Company is from India.

However there are some aspects on their website that need to be analyzed carefully before making any purchases or deciding for yourself! We will guide your way through them to help us assess whether it’s legitimate or not in order with ease and convenience at your fingertips too! You need to know about their legitimacy before spending any money on their products or sharing any vital information.

It’s essential in today’s world of constant scamming going on the Internet, so I’ll help you understand those aspects & then only shop finally!

OSMOSE Technology Business Model

The business model of OSMOSE Technology Pvtl. Ltd. is very simple: They sell their product via retail stores, e-commerce websites, wholesale distributors, etc. The main target audience is children between ages 2-12 years old.

When 2 people join under a person’s pyramid he gets motivated by commission and markets the company more and more. When these people see another one getting commission they also market it so that they can add more people and get more commission.

A business plan means how the entire business works. How does a person earn through the company? First of all, to join in you need to pay 1200 rupees to the company to activate your Id.

After becoming a member you can earn money through

  1. Daily surfing
  2. Commission on adding new people
  3. Rewards for achieving huge targets

Daily Surfing

You can get money daily by surfing on their social media app Pickflick. You have to use their app for some time every day for 20 days. They give you 3 coupons of 400 rupees. You can use this coupon to do shopping on their online shopping website.

Commission from referral

If you refer someone who joins under your pyramid, you get 50% of his/her commission. If he/she becomes a member of your pyramid, you get 25% of his/her Commission. So when you become a member of his/her pyramid, you get 75% of his/her commissions.

Rewards for achieving huge targets

The rewards are awarded when you do exceptionally efficiently. When you meet a particular amount, you will be awarded a prize from the business. The objective is the number of participants joining your. The goals and prizes are:

  1. If you sign up to 100 active members within a month , the company will gift you an Android phone in an incentive.
  2. If you sign up to join 1000 active members within two months, then the company will reward you with the cash equivalent of one lakh rupees.
  3. If you are able to sign up 10,000 active members within 2 months , then the company will gift you a car valued at 10 lakh. This is among the largest offers made to members by this company.
  4. If you are able to join 100,000 active members within four months, the company will reward members with 1 BHK flat and a Mercedes car. This is the most significant reward offered to members by Osmose technology Private Limited. It is however an extremely difficult goal to reach. In order to achieve this goal, a person needs to put in a lot of effort, as long as he has the required capabilities.

OSMOSE Technology Fake Or Real

I am sure that you must be wondering why we wrote an article about OSMOSE Technology? Well, the reason behind doing this is quite simple: We wanted to find out if this company is real or fake. This is because we were looking for a reliable source where we could buy quality products at affordable prices.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any reliable reviews on the internet which could help us make up our mind. So we decided to write one ourselves and share it with all of you. If you want to learn more about the company, please keep reading our full review below.

OSMOSE Technologies Review

We have done a thorough research on this company and we have come to the conclusion that it is indeed a fake company. There are many reasons why we came to this conclusion. Let’s take a look at what we discovered during our investigation:

OSMOSE Technology Pvt ltd Register / Login

For Registering / Logging into the Osmose technology Pvt ltd company you need to:

  1. Go to website and Create an account.
  2. For creating your account enter your fully details.
  3. Enter your complete fully detail name, address, phone number, Aadhar card number, email Id, birth date, etc.
  4. Also Attached your Aadhar card photo.
  5. You need to pay 1200 rupees for create ID (1180 rupees registration fees and 20 rupees transaction fees.)
  6. After the payment is done your account is created.
  7. For logging in, Go to the company’s official website.
  8. Click on the login option.
  9. A login portal will open.
  10. Enter your credentials and click on the submit button.
  11. You have logged into your account.

Advantages of Osmose Technology Pvt ltd

  1. Easy to use online shopping platform.
  2. Digitized earning process, you can earn from the comfort of your home.
  3. Can earn by Reference link more members.
  4. Daily use products can be purchased from their online shopping website.
  5. You can easily earn by surfing on their social media app.

Disadvantages of OSMOSE Technology Pvt ltd 

  1. You need to pay 1200 rupees for Create ID.
  2. They do not provide any kind of Guarantee of earning money.
  3. Do not have any type of Customer Support detail.
  4. The company is not registered legally in the list of direct selling companies.
  5. Mostly peoples have reviewed it as a fraud company.
  6. You can lose your money here.
  7. Most of the products on the website have bad reviews by the customers.
  8. All the products are way costlier than other company alternatives.


Osmose Technology Company is not registered with the Direct Selling Associations. They cannot get access to the list because they aren’t a member. There may be another reason why they haven’t gotten listed on the list.


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