Must-Have Gadgets for Writers

Being a writer can be fun, creative, and engaging – it can also be frustrating without the right tools to help you out. Published reports indicate that writers make up 17% of all freelancers in the US and UK, with about 204 million freelance writers working as professionals in 2021. As a writer, whether you’re a blogger or a college student working on your papers, you’ll need certain gadgets and software to make your job easier. Here’s how you’ll benefit from using such tools:

  • Do research more precisely
  • Take helpful notes more quickly
  • Multitask on writing projects more easily
  • Share your work with clients and writers more smoothly

Depending on the types of writing you work on primarily, different gadgets and tools will fit you better than others. Here are several must-have gadgets and similar software and services every writer should have in their toolset.

Tablet Devices

Today’s tablet devices are akin to small computers and they’ll help make your career as a writer more manageable. Thanks to their Android OS, smart tablets allow writers to use a plethora of apps and websites dedicated to writing.

They can also be used for rudimentary writing in themselves, or combined with a desktop device and used as a reference tool during writing. Regardless of whether you’re just starting as a writer or are a seasoned writing expert, invest in an affordable tablet device.

Reliable Writing Services

While not strictly “gadgets” in themselves, writing services can fundamentally change how you approach your writing tasks. Using digital services to improve the quality, readability, and originality of your writing is a must in 2022.

Regardless of whether you work on an academic research paper or a blog publication, writing services will make your life easier. When you think “I wonder if someone can do my essay for me.”, you can use a reliable writing service without thinking twice about it. Writing tools will also make taking notes and keeping tabs on your online resources much easier than before.

Lightweight Notebook Devices

Having access to a lightweight notebook or a small laptop will ensure that you can write no matter where you are. You might be traveling, spending time in a coffee shop, or visiting your relatives and want to work on your writing.

A small notebook device will help you stay productive anytime, anywhere. All you need is a trusty handbag to keep your notebook safe and you’ll be able to work on writing projects whenever you feel like putting some words on paper.

Smart Watches

As a professional writer, you’ll work with multiple clients and on various projects at the same time. This can make keeping track of everything difficult, especially without a way to remind yourself of deadlines or important notes. A simple, comfortable smartwatch is all you need to improve your workflow as a writer.

A smartwatch will help notify you of upcoming meetings, deadlines, and tasks, as well as allow you to communicate with clients and other writers thanks to its hands-free voice capabilities. This is a must-have gadget for writers on the go and those having trouble keeping tabs on their projects.

Improving your Writing with the Right Gadgets

As you can see, acquiring the right gadgets for writers can make all the difference when it comes to the quality and speed at which you write. Whether you are a student or a professional freelancer, these tools will dramatically improve how and what you write moving forward. Make sure to check them out the next time you’re working on a writing project or an assignment and you’ll notice the difference these gadgets can make straight away.


Carl Hill is a content writing specialist, social media manager, and academic writing editor. He has dedicated his life’s work to the pursuit of academic and digital publishing writing. Carl loves to write online articles, essays, case studies, and a plethora of other types of writing. In his spare time, Carl is a traveler and an artist.