Makeup as a way of expressing yourself

Makeup as a way of expressing yourself

How do we imagine a well-groomed and beautiful woman? Luxurious dress, fashionable hairstyle, expensive shoes, stylish accessories and be sure to… elegant makeup, because it is makeup is the final point in creating a holistic, harmonious image of any modern woman.

Creating makeup is real therapy, an exciting process that allows you to show your creative energy as much as possible. This is a unique opportunity to realize all your secret fantasies and emphasize unique individuality, as well as demonstrate your vision of the world and inner sense of beauty.

Decorative cosmetics is a secret tool of every woman, which helps to improve the appearance, emphasize attractive facial features, and hide skin imperfections.

Since ancient times, every woman wanted to look attractive and beautiful, so the face used the means that were at hand. In ancient Egypt, women made blush from ochre, juice of pounded berries, and vegetables. Later, they mixed natural pigment (red mineral paint) with animal fat. With such a mixture, they covered not only the legs but also the lips.

Egyptians painted their eyes in order to protect themselves from evil spirits and to close access to the soul. They painted them with trumpet powder mixed with graphite, honey, and crocodile droppings. In ancient Rome, the eyes and eyebrows were emphasized with a mixture of resin and ash, as well as the use of lead powder, which greatly harmed the health and often led to the occurrence of fatal burns.

Aristocratic pallor and porcelain skin was considered a symbol of beauty and special status. In order to achieve this effect, the women of ancient Greece, as powder, used white clay, lead and chalk powder, but later switched to wheat and rice flour.

In the Middle Ages, a woman had to look as natural as possible. For makeup, you could get a cruel punishment from the Inquisition. There were a facelessness and morbidity in esteem, and pale skin, scrawling eyebrows, and eyebrows were considered a standard of feminine beauty.

Everything changed dramatically in the Renaissance. Women for hours applied dozens of layers of powder to their faces, immensely using a blush that made French Queen Catherine Medici popular.

In the era of Louis, XIV cosmetics used not only women but also men. Lead billow gradually began to replace plant components that preserved the life and health of more than one person. For example, wild saffron powder gave the face a pink, red, burgundy, and Carat diamond price.

In the XX century, the greatest impact on the popularity of makeup made cinematography. Unique Hollywood actresses with their appearance, formed in women a positive attitude to decorative cosmetics. Postwar times marked a real explosion in the minds of women who began to feel more independent and independent. From this time, the woman begins to actively care for herself, emphasize natural beauty, and maintain skin health, using the first professional cosmetics. She uses beautiful and excessive jewelry Carat Diamond Price.

Also, a great solution would be the use of cosmetics with a blur effect, which, thanks to silicone elastomers in the composition, scatter light rays in different directions and create the effect of polished, bright skin. For example, the makeup base makeup Revolution Pore Blur will make your skin flawless immediately after application, instantly hide minor flaws, and create a photoshop effect.

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