Make Job Searches More Accessible And Efficient 

Make Job Searches More Accessible And Efficient 

“I resign”. These two words are extremely powerful but also very risky to use. They can end your career or start a new one. You may resign because of the following reasons:

– No growth opportunities in the company

– Toxic working environment

– Personal challenges/ family issues/ health issues

Let’s explore these further. If you resign for any of the reasons stated above, you need to know what to expect when resigning from your job before taking action. You should be aware that resigning comes with consequences and repercussions in Singapore, primarily if it is not handled correctly. These include losing out on future employment opportunities and having a poor personal record (shunned by employers). To avoid these consequences and protect yourself, resigning with dignity and tact is crucial.

The first step to resigning is deciding whether you need to resign from your current job. The reasons for leaving should be valid, such as a lack of career growth or desire to change jobs within the same industry. These factors must be considered before resigning.

Regardless of whether you intend on resigning halfway through your contract, it is always good practice to give sufficient notice before leaving. During this period, resigning employees should stick to the performance standards they were held to when they joined the company.

If resigning for family reasons or personal challenges, you need to give your company even more notice.

This is because resigning without a valid reason can be perceived as an attempt by an employee to avoid responsibility and accountability for one’s actions. This can also have legal implications in Singapore if resigning employees take their former employers to court over unfair dismissals.

If resigning from your current company is on the horizon, you may be wondering if it’s worth putting in an application with MyCareersFuture. The truth of the matter is that resigning can seem daunting and even more so when considering finding a new job. We want all our readers to know that they are not alone!

We will provide some suggestions for making this process easier by helping you understand what employers are looking for during recruitment processes, why resigning might be necessary, and help you decide whether or not applying to MyCareersFuture would be appropriate. If none of these questions have been answered satisfactorily yet, don’t worry – we have plenty more articles about resignations coming soon! Stay tuned!

When resigning from a job, you must do so with a sense of gratitude and grace towards your employer.

Express appreciation for being given the opportunity to work at your previous workplace, especially if you had been employed there for some time. It would help if you resigned in person rather than through a digital platform such as email.

This is because resigning online does not allow you to express your gratitude or feedback on what you have learned and developed during your tenure. If you resign verbally, however, this provides the opportunity for both parties to be transparent about their expectations and performance standards, especially if they did not meet your expectations.

It’s often said that resigning is one of the most challenging things we must do in our professional lives.

However, correctly understanding the consequences and repercussions of resigning from a job in Singapore can be done gracefully without having long-term adverse effects on yourself or others around you. It might even open up new opportunities that will lead to a positive change in your life.


It is never an easy decision to resign from a job, but with the help of MyCareersFuture, their transition into their next role will be made much smoother. Their online platform provides many resources and services to make job searches more accessible and efficient. They have everything we need to find the right career, including resume templates, interview tips, and job postings. Singapore’s leading employment agency is here to help you take the next step in your career journey!

It is essential to resign from a job as soon as possible to avoid any potential legal issues. The company may not be interested in your resignation, but they will understand that it’s for the best and allow you to leave without any problems. We hope this article has provided you with valuable insight into the consequences and repercussions of resigning from your job. Best wishes!

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