Download LGUP Tool & LG Flash Tool with UPPERCUT

Download and install LGUP Tool and LG Flash Tool with UPPERCUT

LGUP is a program created by LG Electronics. The LGUP tool permits you to flash the kdz/tot/bin design LG Stock firmware onto your LG android gadgets. Many LG mobiles users want to download the LGUP tool and Flash tool in their mobiles with UPPERCUT. LG Flash Tool is factual programming given by LG officials. The Tool permits you to Flash KDZ or TOT firmware onto various LG gadgets simultaneously, and It is utilized more by LG partner mechanics shop. Most of the LG flash Tool spread on the Net are spilled from LG’s official auto shop.

How can stock firmware be carried out?

To flash the stock firmware in android devices, you can use a variety of methods, like we take the example of Google pixel or nexus devices case, users have to adapt the fast flash tool for the flash of official factory images, in the same way in flashing the stock firmware of Samsung mobiles, Odin Flash tool will work well for conducting this.

Now, we come to the point which is the objective of this article. LGUP tool and LG flash tool with UPPERCUT specifically developed for the backup of stock firmware in LG mobiles. In addition to it, these tools can upgrade and downgrade some LG devices having specific versions.

What is LGUP Tool?

LGUP Tool is the updated version of ‘LG Flash Tool. Now it’s called LGUP. In any case, it is a Windows-only firmware flashing programming for LG cell phones. Additionally, it is utilized by LG inside or in help places to reinforce stock firmware on LG gadgets when required. If you need to detect the LG gadget, the client would require the device-specific DLL.


UPPERCUT is designed by XDA Recognized Developer auto prime, and it’s a plant in Flash tool as an extension. It empowers the Flash tool to work and recognize loads of LG gadgets without the device-specific DLLs requirement.

LG devices are still doing work using the LG Flash tool, but the latest LG devices coming in the market can’t rely on the LG flash tool. If you used this, you might face uncertain outcomes. That’s why the LGUP tool with UPPERCUT is specifically designed for new LG devices, as it is considerably more helpful and straightforward. As opposed to that, we have still offered connections to download or install LG Flash Tool if you need it, with the MegaLock DLL. But you must need to install USB drivers on your PC if you want to install the LG flash tool in your system.


Here is the method to install LGUP Tool with UPPERCUT on your system

The installation of the older model of the LGUP tool is simple compared to a new model. In the old model, you need to double click on the file, and the process will be started and then keep following the below steps, but the new model comes with two files, and the installation process is different. Follow the steps mention in the next section.

  • To start with, download the LGUP tool and UPPERCUT documents. 
  • Now, double click on the downloaded ‘LGUP_Store_Frame_Ver_1_14_3.msi’ document. 
  • Then, click on the ‘Following’ button shows up on the installer window. 
  • At that point, acknowledge the permit terms and click on the “next to install the LGUP tool on your Windows PC. 
  • At the point when the process of installation is done, click on ‘Finish.’ 
  • At that point, you need to extract the downloaded UPPERCUT ZIP document (
  • Finally, double tap on the ‘UPPERCUT_1.0.0.0.exe’ file to dispatch the LGUP Tool.

When the device dispatches, it will detect your LG cell phone with no DLL files, given that you have the LG USB Drivers installed.

LG USB Drivers:

Download/Install LG Flash Tool

In the following section, links are given to download the LG flash tool. If you don’t have new LG devices, you should go with the official LG flash tool. It will be best for LG G2, LG G3, etc.

Patched LG Flash Tool

The Senior Member of XDA ieatacid has fixed the official LG Flash Tool v2.0.1.6 to sidestep the login screen. Likewise, XDA Developer auto prime repackaged the fixed model with LG installer to make the installation simple and straightforward.

When you have done the installation, then need to extract the file to execute ‘Setup_LGFlashTool_2.0.1.6.exe’. For this purpose, keep doing as the screen will ask you for.  In this way, the LG flash tool will be installed on your phone. If you are interested in restoring, upgrading, and downgrading your phone, you can also consider flash stock KDZ or TOT.


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