IKEA Return Policy: All you need to Know

IKEA Return Policy: All you need to Know

IKEA’s versatile options and cheap rates have established a household name within the last era. But what makes IKEA’s stand out among other competitor is its return policy. Continue read to learn how and why.

Since IKEA has come up with their simple “One Year!” full refund policy, other home furnishing stores are taking notice. However, it’s really essential to take knowledge of every aspect regarding the policy to take full advantage.

In this article, IKEA return policy has been explained to decode the fine print, providing you tips for maximum benefits. Keep reading to learn more!

What Is the IKEA Return Policy?

For IKEA, its important that you’re happy with your purchase. In case of unsatisfactory purchase, you can return it within 365 days.

Anyone who spent hours selecting furnishings to create a perfect look for their house knows how it feels to discover it’s not quite the same outside the store. 

There could be several reasons for this, like maybe the bedroom accessories aren’t in contrast with the paint as per expectation. Or the entertainment center is huge. The sense of letdown is too big because of the excitement about new home furnishings.

IKEA has popularity among customers because those shoppers with second thoughts know they can make a return without difficulty; this includes furniture, housewares, and anything which is not custom.

Even mattresses can be returned within 90 days in exchange for store credit! Just like Costco, IKEA has a “no questions asked” policy.

No-Nonsense Returns

What’s not to like? For every other person among us, our choices change rapidly and a return policy that accommodates this is much helpful. It’s quite easy,  which is why IKEA “No Nonsense” policy is introduced.

But all generous return policies have something in common: rules. Not knowing or following them means you could end up stuck with what you’ve got. And knowing the rules is the best way to avoid the nuisance of failing to meet the return policy. 

Return Policy Changes

In some countries, rules are getting strict. Last fall, in Germany, IKEA updated its return policy allowing customers to return unused items in exchange for store credit.

Before this rule, Germany customers were able to return IKEA products without any reason and regardless of the condition. According to Dennis Valslev, the German IKEA supervisor:

By restricting the right of return to only unused products, we want to ensure that customers understand not to dispose of furniture and other home accessories, instead appreciate the product worth in terms of resources that were essential to produce it.

IKEA Return Policy Exceptions

In the United States, the shoppers are allowed to return an item up to 365 days from the purchase date under two notable exceptions:

  • Gift Cards: You can’t return gift cards to IKEA. Buying a gift card means you intend to spend at the store.
  • Mattresses: If a mattress is been purchased from IKEA and is no longer needed, then it cannot be return for full refund but instead exchanged for another mattress. This is valid once within a 365-day window.

Maximize the IKEA Return Policy

Although there are restrictions, navigating through details shall ease your IKEA return process.

IKEA Return Tips

  • Receipt shall be presented to the IKEA customer service representative (or proof of purchase) along with your ID. If lost, IKEA can figure out using your debit card, credit card, or gift card number.
  • Refunds are given in amount of the lowest selling price over the  calendar year.
  • It is a good idea to keep the original packaging for your own sake, although its not necessary.
  • Unlike other home furnishing companies, IKEA accepts almost anything! You may return goods marked clearance, bargain corner, or those sold “As-Is.” 

Tip: If something has been assembled or marked down, you’re not taking much of a risk by purchasing it.

The Fine Print of the IKEA Return Policy

Return policy can’t be covered unless properly understood. While most of the aspects has been covered above there are a few more points to keep in mind. Firstly, the items must be in good condition and unused to be sold. 

Used vs New

If a bookcase, home entertainment center or shelf is been assembled by placing items on it, its technically used. While IKEA is very liberal in their interpretation of the term.

Don’t hesitate to call the store and query them about specific terms. However, make sure it doesn’t show its wear.

After a Year

After a year, unfortunately, you’re out of luck! At this point you might consider other reselling options such as a yard sale or eBay. You may try to return the item back to the store, and a nice service agent may also give you the pass. But no promises!

Returns by Mail

If a return is been made by mail, then there is a return period of 14 days to return the purchase. Otherwise, you shall have to return to the IKEA warehouse. 

This is why it is important to keep the receipt or packing slip with you. And acknowledge that if anything has been purchased from the store, it can’t be returned online or through an email. You will have to take it back to a nearby local IKEA store. 

Subject to Change

As we already know that IKEA Germany has changed their policy rules so there’s no guarantee if the policy will remain the same forever. However, it has helped them gain a place in the US market and will stay for the near term. 

Payment Methods

The original payment method which was used to purchase the item matters because store credit will be given if the customer is unable to provide any documentation regarding the purchased item. If the item was originally purchased with a card, credit will be sent on the card. The same goes for gift cards, cash, etc. 

IKEA Buying Guide

IKEA is aiming to help customers in several other ways like their IKEA Buying Guide. This guide is offering useful information on color choices, accurate size, hardware and so on. 

Very few shoppers who have skimmed the guide has ended up changing plans. The guide also allows to find ways to customize pieces and view exactly what’s available in terms of parts, colors, sizes and what you really want. 

This guide assures that you get what you are really looking for so you don’t have to return down the road returning and purchasing again. 

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Hoping that this article on the IKEA Return Policy is been a help to you. While you’re here, be sure to explore our other resources.

So, What Is the IKEA Return Policy?

IKEA with no surprise has made his place in the home furnishing market in America, Europe, and Canada. With an amazing industry leading 365 days return policy, the company will continue gaining foothold in the market share from competitors globally.

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