How To Set Up Email On iPhone

iPhone Email Setup

  1. From the screen of your iPhone, you have to choose the settings option.
  2. You have to select “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” from the settings section. 
  3. From the “Accounts”, pick the “Add Account” option. 
  4. You will see the “Other” option from the Add Account page; select it.
  5. Select “Add Mail Account” 
  6. In the next pop-up, the new account screen will ask you to put information as it indicates. 
  • Name: It will be the name you want to show when you send emails from your phone. 
  • Address: your full email address. 
  • Password: Put the same password that you set on your email account.
  • Description: You might want this account to be recorded as in your iPhone’s email accounts list (for example – Personal, Extra, Home). 
  1. Whenever you have completed this step, select “Next”. The iPhone will presently endeavour to recover the server settings consequently; anyway, this function won’t work, so they should be added physically. The initial phase in designing this is to choose “IMAP” as the mail account type. 
  2. Look down the page and enter the accompanying details: 

Incoming Mail Server 

  • Hostname: 
  • Username: It will be already filled as you put data on the previous step. 
  • Password: It also be filled already as you enter details in the previous step; it will happen automatically. 

Outgoing Mail Server 

  • Hostname: 
  • Username: says “optional”. However, you have to enter this data. Kindly enter your full email address (e.g. 
  • Password: It will also be “Optional”, but you must have to enter your password 
  1. Whenever you’ve entered all the data, select the “Following” button. On the top of the screen, you will see a message that the framework is checking your settings. 
  2. You will be returned to the Mail, Contacts, and Calendar screen. You have to click on the account you have recently made and then click on the account name again to change the record. Before going to the next phase, you must check your email. 
  3. From the Outgoing Mail Server, you need to choose the “Advanced” option and customize your Mailbox practices to coordinate with the proper choices. Snap-on the appropriate choices to guarantee the settings are as per the following: 
  4. Draft Mailbox: You have to definite that the “Drafts” folder is checked from the menu server. 
  5. Sent Mailbox: You have to definite that the “Sent” folder is checked from the server menu.
  6. Deleted Mailbox: You have to make it definite that the “Trash” folder is checked from the server menu. 
  7. Look down to Incoming Settings and modify “Use SSL” to “ON” and change the “Server Port” to “993”
  8. 16.On the upper left side of the screen, you will see an option of “Settings, and you have to click on it. Afterwards, click on “” from the Outgoing Mail Server. From the main server menu, it’s required you to click on “
  9. From the Outgoing Mail Server, make it definite that “Use SSL” is turned “ON” and change the “Server Port” to “587″. After completing all the procedure steps, you will get a finished account that you can start anytime.

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