How to Play Pictionary on Zoom in 2023

For many years, playing Pictionary was popular among people who were sitting at a table with their families and friends. However, today people can play Pictionary virtually because of the increased popularity of Zoom. This online collaboration tool allows you to meet and talk to others from all over the world.

What You Need to Know About Playing Pictionary on Zoom

You need to know that Pictionary is played at the same time for everyone. Therefore, you must have access to a Zoom account or an account on your computer. Also, you need to be comfortable with using Zoom.

You can either invite your family members or friends to join you on a Zoom call. You should be aware of who you are sending a request and ensure that they are people you can communicate easily with.

What is Pictionary on Zoom?

Pictionary is a fun game where people try to guess what their opponents are trying to draw in the same way that they would guess what a word or phrase means. In this Zoom Edition of Pictionary, you and your group play at once using different props like a car, house, or even a phone. 

Pictionary on Zoom (PZ) is a fun new game you can play with friends or in groups on a conference call! It’s simple and fast-paced and you can use it anywhere! You get one minute and three seconds per round (plus a five-second rest before the next round). 

What Are the Rules to Follow to Play Pictionary on Zoom?

You should always write the words you are drawing using the letters on the board. You should also mark the spaces on the board with a cross.

Never draw anything on your body or clothes. Do not look at your partner while you are talking. Don’t look down at the board when you are telling someone what you are drawing.

You should keep a straight face and avoid laughing. Look at the board until you finish drawing. If you are drawing a picture, you must use the letters on the board as your guide. Don’t put the word on the paper you are drawing on first.

Always ask your partner to guess what you are drawing if you have finished. You may draw any object you like; but if you want to make it look more realistic, you should include some details.

Remember that you should not draw too much information about the object. This may affect the accuracy of your drawing. Keep your pictures short and simple, or you may end up making a mess of them. Draw some shapes first; you can fill in the rest later.

How To Be Setting Up Pictionary on Zoom

Here are some steps to set up Pictionary on Zoom:

If you have never played Pictionary before then follow this link to set up Pictionary on ZOOM:

  • Go to the Zoom website and open up the app that you want to use.
  • Go to the menu and select “Create New Meeting”.
  • Fill in the title, and the description and set the number of people.
  • Click OK.
  • Choose a room for the meeting.
  • Set up the meeting and wait for all the attendees to join.
  • Click on the name of the meeting to see the details.
  • Click on the plus button next to your team.
  • On the panel of options, select the Text tab and enter the names of the participants in the order that they appear on the screen.
  •  Select the people who should join your team.
  • Click on the pencil icon to change people.
  • Once the meeting is set up, click on the start time and click ok.
  • Now you will see the board on the screen.
  • You should now see the people who are on your team.

What to do:

  • -When you get the first word draw on the board.
  • -When you get a wrong word on the board, you need to give up.
  • -The person who gets all the words will be the winner.

How to Play Pictionary on Zoom

Playing a game like Pictionary can be entertaining because you can play with people that you know. This gives you a chance to express yourself while still staying focused. For example, if you are playing with a friend, you can just draw a picture of the thing that makes you laugh or what you think is funny. In this case, your friend has to guess what you drew on the screen.

Next, you must write the word on the board, one letter at a time. You can use chalk, a marker, or something similar. When you have finished writing, the person who generated the word has to identify the word and describe it.

The last player is the decider. The player should place the correct definition on the board. Once the timer runs out, the person who had a turn on the board is the winner. The other players who weren’t able to guess the word are eliminated.

Can You Play Pictionary Without Teams?

You can play Pictionary without any teams by having only one player guessing words and another player as the artist.

The process of Pictionary is pretty simple. In this game, you have a bunch of funny-looking pictures drawn on a piece of paper, and your goal is to find out what the artist is thinking while he/she is playing the game. The funny thing about Pictionary is that you don’t need teams to win. There is no competition between teams.

To play, the team that guesses the correct answers first will win. So, the whole process of playing Pictionary is about guessing a word based on the picture that the artist drew.

To start this game, you will need to divide the table into three sections. One player will be responsible for choosing the artist as the person to draw.

The other two players will choose a keyword or phrase from a list of keywords. As the artist, you will have to guess each word or phrase that you are asked to draw. The team that has the highest score at the end of the game will win.



If you have trouble getting your friends to stop talking and join you for a meeting on Zoom, then you should try playing Pictionary. You’ve already told us every single detail that will make your meetings more interesting on Zoom. We encourage you to try this once in your meeting and enjoy this incredible game. You can learn from it and hopefully find it useful.

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