How To Increase Real Instagram Followers

Recently, many people in the world are talking about productivity. Unfortunately, due to procrastination, ordinary people and entrepreneurs suffer greatly because they waste a lot of time. After that, they find that they have not reached the desired heights and make extraordinary decisions, for example, they buy Instagram followers to increase their popularity.

There are different tools and methods that help you increase your growth by having a good amountĀ of likes and followers and stop wasting your time. Now we want to talk about the fundamental things that prevent us from acting effectively.

In fact, we only need three things to get off to a good start in increasing our productivity:

  • clean up around yourself and get rid of everything superfluous (on the desktop, in the room, in your office, etc.)
  • remove unnecessary sources of distraction (notifications, mailings, E-mail, etc. This will not make you less popular and interesting. On the contrary, those who spend a lot of time on social networks often buy real Instagram followers because all their activity is scrolling the feed)
  • get rid of unnecessary things in your head (tasks, projects, obligations, unnecessary and repetitive thoughts, etc.).

STEP 1. Get rid of everything superfluous

Look at your workplace. How many things are there? Do you really use all these things? Most likely they just clutter up the mind and distract attention. Start at your desktop or where you work. Just remove everything else. Leave only the MOST necessary. Do this on the surface of the table, and then in all the lockers. Things should be at least. After that, clean up your room or office.

Continue on. Tidy up your computer:

  • remove all unnecessary shortcuts and folders from the desktop;
  • delete all unnecessary saved bookmarks in the browser;
  • remove unused programs and applications;
  • delete all unnecessary files.

Remember that you need a lot less than you think.

STEP 2. Remove Distractions

Now it remains to remove all unnecessary irritants of attention:

  • unsubscribe from all useless email newsletters. It can be spam, advertising, mailing lists, etc. Where it is not possible to unsubscribe, send to spam;
  • turn off the sound of notifications on messengers and view them whenever you want.

Thus, it will allow you to maintain a greater supply of concentration throughout the day and do more, better and faster.

STEP 3. Free Your Head

Many people believe that keeping everything in their head, they can be productive. But how many times have you forgotten something important?

There are many ways to unload your mind. Now we will describe the simplest.

Grab a piece of paper or open your notes on your phone and write down everything in your head:

  • all the tasks that need to be done;
  • a list of all your projects and plans for them;
  • your thoughts and ideas;
  • all your obligations to others;
  • what you need to remember (for example, congratulate a friend).

Of course, that’s not all. Further, you need to work hard with these points so that all these thoughts and worries do not again begin to distract you. To work with this, you can use both a regular notepad and many different applications. It is important that your method is convenient for you personally and makes you more productive.