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General Knowledge Android Apps for Learning

General Knowledge Apps

In this digital world, getting knowledge is quite easy for everyone. There are multiple methods available for people to learn and know about different things. So, today we are here with some of the best General Knowledge Apps for you all, which provide the best and accurate information.

As you know, there are multiple digital devices available for the users, which provides users to access different types of content. But the most common and used devices are Android OS. So, we are here with the apps, which anyone can easily access on their Android device.

What are General Knowledge Apps?

General Knowledge Apps are Android applications, which are specially designed for Android devices. These applications can be only operated on Android OS devices, which includes Android Smartphones, Tablets, and many more.

There are multiple methods available for people to get information. There are tons of platforms, which provide information for the users. But the most common problem is fake information, which people share to get viewers.

Therefore, finding the best platforms is quite hard for all people. But if you want to improve your knowledge and learn about more things, then you don’t need to worry about it. We are here with the best solution for all problems related to learning.

We are going to share some of the best available platforms with you all, which provides you largest collection of informative content. So, if you want to know about all these services, then stay with us for a while and explore below.


If you surf the internet, then you know about Wikipedia. The application provides some of the largest collection of accurate information. Here you will get different types of articles, which you can read and learn more about new things.

The application provides completely free services for the users, which anyone can easily access and enjoy. The app even supports more than three hundred different languages. So, gather all knowledge in your language and understand it.


If you like and learn more from documentaries, then here is the best available option for you all. With CuriosityStream, get some of the best and largest collection of informative content. The platform provides multiple types of content, which you can access here.

You can easily download your favorite content, which you can access offline. The app provides HD and 4K supported content, through which you will enjoy spending your quality time and learning more. So, explore the app to get more amazing content here.


Join one of the biggest community-based platforms, where millions of people share their knowledge. The Quora app provides users with one of the best platforms, where you can easily ask about anything. There are different professional users, who will provide you with all the information.

The application provides fast notification services for the users, through which anyone can easily stay up-to-date with the system and enjoy their quality time. So, join the platform to share and get free information about anything.

General Knowledge Quiz

Most people learn more from quizzes, which is why this platform provides simple and easy services for users. You can easily get different quizzes, in which the app will provide questions related to multiple fields.

Users can also customize their questions according to your field, through which you will get questions related to your field. So, start with simple questions and find some interesting answers here. There are more features available in the app, which you can explore and enjoy.


If you want to provide one of the best platforms for your kids to improve their knowledge, then Wikids is the application. The platform provides audio services for the users, through which you will get audio information with pictures.

So, with a talking encyclopedia, your kids can easily get multiple types of information and learn more about general things. So, if you want to get all these amazing features and services, then don’t waste your time and get the app.

These are some of the best available applications, which provide different types of services for the users. So, if you want to improve your knowledge, then get any of these apps on your Android device and enjoy. 

Some of the apps provide premium services, but you should go with the free version first. If you get satisfied with the free version, then making an investment won’t be a bad idea. But don’t invest without personal verification. So, stay safe and learn more from these amazing apps.

Final Words

These are some of the best General Knowledge Apps, which people should use. Additionally, there are hundreds of other app types that you can use to gain knowledge in a fun way. Go to and get to know such apps and download them for free.


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