Best 10 Android mobile games in India 2023

Best 10 Android mobile games in India 2022

Only a handful of applications and games reach the peak of the rankings on Google Play Store, even though the store has an inexhaustible supply of them. Playing games is a great way to pass the time and keep your mind engaged. It is no longer necessary to have a large and cumbersome gaming console or PC to play video games.

It is now possible to play some of the most incredible fun on a current Android smartphone. While most of the games on our list of the top 10 Android games in India 2021 are free to play, some may need in-game payments. This page is meant to help you find the finest Android game available for download from Google Play. Ludo King, Battlegrounds Mobile India, Free Fire, and more are included in the most excellent Android phone games list.

Ludo King

Ludo King is a traditional board game that can be played between two and four players and has had more than 500 million downloads to date. Google Play’s highest-ranking game for a considerable amount of time. That means you can play with someone who is using a desktop computer or an iOS smartphone.

Your storage will not be affected at all by Ludo King’s download size of 52MB. Ludo King adheres to the game’s classic rules and aesthetics. There’s always an option to play with the computer if your friend is not accessible while you are playing.

New Game Themes

  • Nature Theme
  • Egypt Them
  • Disco / Night mode Theme
  • Pinball Theme
  • Candy Theme
  • Christmas Theme
  • Penguin Theme
  • Battle Theme
  • Diwali Theme
  • Pirate Theme

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Free Fire

In Garena’s Free Fire, 50 players are dropped on a lonely island and must fight for their lives while taking down other players. Furthermore, players may pick their starting location using their parachutes, and they must attempt to remain in the safe zone for the most extended amount of time feasible.

Then, using vehicles, players may travel across the area and devise strategies for making it to the end. Player’s must find weapons and remain in the play zone while looting their opponents to win matches. They must also be the last guy standing to win.

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Battlegrounds Mobile India

Less than one month after the game’s release, Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has become the fastest-growing mobile gaming platform in India. Furthermore, it is a battle royal game that lets players choose from various maps, game settings, and thrilling challenges.

– To win the match, the game places 100 players on a map and challenges them to perform missions and remain until the final circle. As one of the most popular apps on Google’s mobile platform, BGMI will soon be accessible on Apple’s mobile platform, too.

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Mini Militia – Doodle Army 2

A 2D cartoon aesthetic underpins the fierce multiplayer warfare in Mini Militia – Doodle Army 2, in which you may fight with up to six other players online. While playing, you’ll be transported back to your childhood playing cartoon games from the early to mid-nineties. The following is a list of the game’s features.

Up to six people may participate in online multiplayer.

Flight and dual-stick shooting controls that are easy to learn and master

Explore over 20 different maps.

Modern and futuristic weaponry of all kinds is available.

Survival mode that may be played offline.

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Carrom Pool

To win Carrom, you must pot all of your pieces before your opponent and ensure that the queen is safe before the game ends. The game has a classic look and feel, and it’s easy to play. Carrom and Disc Pool may be used to play matches.

In addition to playing online, you may also challenge your friends to a game. For those times when you’re not connected to the Internet, this app may be a helpful companion.

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Among Us

Some players are impostors who are out to murder everyone and prevent the spacecraft from departing. Among Us is an online game that enables 4-15 people to work together while preparing your spaceship for departure.

To win this game, all crew members must work together to identify the imposter and hurl him outside the spacecraft before they murder everyone else on board. The Google Play Store offers the game at no cost.

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Hill Climb Racing

Players may drive upward in this physics-based driving game called “Hill Climb Racing,” a relatively ancient game but one of the most popular. With a variety of various vehicles, you may tackle the unique difficulties of hill climbing.

Tricks and cash may also be used to enhance your vehicle. It’s possible to play the game offline, and there are 29 different cars to unlock and 28 different levels to drive through.

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Bridge Race

When playing Bridge Race, your goal is to construct a bridge from the logs of your chosen color and race against the clock to complete the course. Don’t allow others to build on your bridge and compete against each other.

Instead, you must finish your bridge in a shorter amount of time and beat your opponent to the finish line. There are many ways to win this game, and they all revolve around collecting your color tiles and distracting your opponent.

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Subway Princess Runner

Like Subway Surfer, Subway Princess Runner is a clone of this popular platforming game. In this game, you’ll also have to race against the clock to avoid being hit by approaching trains and buses while simultaneously trying to gather as many gold coins as possible.

You may compete against the best players in the world, or you can share your results with a group of people you know.

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Real Racing 3

There have been more than 500 million downloads of EA Sports’ Real Racing 3. Over 4,000 events, including Grands Prix and Cup races as well as Endurance challenges, are available. Aston Martin, McLaren, Koenigsegg, and Bugatti are just a few automakers included in the game’s more than 300 automobiles.

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