How to Return items on Flipkart Step by Step

How to Return items on Flipkart Step by Step

Flipkart is India’s leading online shopping store. It supplies a vast range of options and convenience offers for you. But regrettably, occasionally it happens that you aren’t pleased with these merchandise which aren’t as much as this mark for a single reason or other. At this point you can just exchange or return the product onto Flipkart throughout the Flipkart return policy. This really is the way a Flipkart exchange or return policy works.

Here Guide you Step by Step How to Return item on Flipkart

  • login your Flipkart and go to “Orders” Tab
  • Click on the Return Button to create a request.
  • You need select reason for return -base on whicn the option. There is available three option types of return items.
  1. Exachange You want exchange products due to Size, Color etc.
  2. Replace The product you ordered will be replaced with an identical product in case it is damaged (broken or spoiled) or defective (has a functional problem that causes it not to work).
  3. Refund If you not happy with products quality, Size, color, model and out of stock, You decide that you want back your money.
  • It’s depend on the kind of products which you want to return, maybe your request undergo a verification process.
  • Following verification process and confirm your decision based on the category of this product that you purchased.
  • To get a smooth returns process keep all the prerequisite items handy, including statement, initial packaging, price tags, Registration , accessories, etc..
  • The’get’ and’Delivery’ of this product you ordered will be scheduled hand-in-hand in case of replacements and exchanges.
  • Flipkart will subsequently send a person to collect the product, and ship an alternative. You’ll receive email
  • updates through the approach. And if you have asked to your’Refund’ then it will be initiated and processed if applicable.

    How long the return policy takes on Flipkart?

Right after you submit an application to your yields, exchange or refund online, you will receive a contact in your registered email and an SMS on your own registered phone number.

You may also track the entire process at the My Account page, My Programs. If you are moving in to get a market, your replacement product will be brought to you at exactly the same time as the pick-up generally. You can also keep a track on your order.

How to track an order?

Here is how you can track an order

  • Step 1: Go to my orders (On my orders, you’ll see everything you have ordered listed there)
  • Step 2: Select your order
  • Step 3: After selection, you will get your tracking details. (you’ll see a vertical line that maps the delivery sequence of your order)

This sequence of the order has four steps:

  • Ordered
  • Approved
  • Packed
  • Shipped
  • Delivery

The green or grey colour line shows on what stage of processing your order is. The most recent stage is highlighted with a circular icon.

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