How to Find Someone’s Real Identity On Snapchat

How to Find Someone’s Real Identity On Snapchat

Millions of people use social media every day and many of them hide their original identities, and it’s difficult to know about the reality of them. On Snapchat, you can find someone’s real name and identity behind the Snapchat account with many different methods. In this article, am going to tell you that how you can find the real name of any user on Snapchat.

Often, people apply similar kinds of names in social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc for the situation “tofu2003”. If you find such a similar username on other platforms it will be more obvious to extract a person’s ID on different sites and gather more identifying data. Moreover, an average of 3% of youngsters uses fake accounts on social media.

How to Find The real identity Behind The Username On Snapchat?

This the simple method, it will works if the person you have been looking for has added his/her real name on Snapchat. Follow the steps to find out the real name of a Snapchat user.

In the First step, open your Snapchat app and click on the avatar on the top left corner which directs you to your profile.

  • Then, you will see the My friend option click on it and your friend list will appear.
  • Then, find type in the name of the account you want to know of.
  • You will then find a gear icon next to their username.
  • In the last step, tap on the gear icon
  • Now, you will be able to see their real name, if they have added it otherwise you won’t.

How To Know If Your Friend Has Snapchat Or Not?

Snap hat by  Snap Inc is one of the famous multimedia messaging app that enables you to share pictures, messages, and videos in the form of snaps. However, it disappears after they’re viewed. There are several filters, lenses, and effects to choose from on Snapchat, and every day you can find a new one.

To know whether your friend has Snapchat or not, first, we will select the Add friend option then a screen will appear where you can either chose to add someone based on your username or from your contact list.

With this, you can see your contact people including those with and without Snapchat.

From here,  below their name, you will find their username on snap chat which helps you to find whether they have Snapchat or not.

Then you can tap on the add button next to the friend name having the username and if your friend does not have Snapchat it will send an invitation to join Snapchat instantly.

Does Snapchat Automatically Add People From The Contact List?

Don’t worry about the automatic addition of people as it can’t add people from your contact list automatically until you send a friend request. If you don’t know how to add someone on Snapchat then follow the steps given below:

How to add someone whose number you already had saved In your phone:

  • Open your Snapchat app.
  • Click on your Avatar in the upper left corner of the screen
  • Then, Tap on Add Friend
  • Click on ‘add from contacts ‘. Then, click on your contact who uses Snapchat.
  • To add them as your friend simply clicks on ‘add+‘ next to their name. If your contact does not use Snapchat it will directly send an invitation to your friend, to join this app.

How to add someone who has already added you as a friend:

For this, first, open your Snapchat app on your phone.

Then tap your Avatar in the upper left corner of the screen.

Scroll down a bit, then click ‘add friends’. There you will see the ‘added me’ option.

To add a user back, click on ‘add’ right next to their name, with this that person will be added to your friend list and after that, you can share snaps.

To add Someone Through Scanning Their Snap Code:

  • If you have a snapcode of a user you found online, take a screenshot of it.
  • Then go to your profile by clicking on the top left corner of your camera screen.
  • Then scroll down and tap ‘Add Friends’
  • Click On the top right corner along with find friends you will see an icon like Snapchat.
  • Click that and select the screenshot. After that, The Snapchat account of that snapcode will appear.

Can Somebody Trace A Snapchat Account?

Yes, you can track a Snapchat account. There is an app that helps you trace someone’s Snapchat account named Spy App. This app is the next-generation app that traces every formation related to that friend like activities, location, and browsing history of the users. Snapchat impacts users to upload a photo and display it to the public. However, this causes many negative consequences, as well as a youngster, can become a victim of profanity within online platforms. To save your dear ones from these results, the Spy App may do this job very efficiently for you.

How To Find Someone On Snapchat?

Here’s another method you can use to find someone on Snapchat with just their name. It will very easy for you to find a person on Snapchat if you already know their name.

It’s very straightforward steps than above. Follow the steps given below.

  • Open your Snapchat app and click on your avatar
  • Slide a little down and you will see Add Friends option
  • Then you can click on Find Friends.
  • Simply type the name of your friend and click on the search button.
  • Thereafter, you will get the outcomes. This search may grab details from your contact list to find the username that you entered.

How do know who made a fake Snapchat account?

If you want to know that your online friend is saying the truth about him\her and he is not a fake person or ID then Here is some easy way to find out who is behind the Snapchat account or who made the fake Snapchat account or let’s say “how to find someone’s real name on Snapchat”:

Snapchat username lookup

Snapchat username up look is the instant lookup on someone’s identity behind the username. These days people are blackmailing people through social media so, for such purposes, there are some advanced search engine systems from which you can easily have a full report on that person. In this, the report may include the person’s name, address, phone number, and email address if that is a public record. Using this search engine is the best way to find out that a person on Snapchat is fake or not.

Apply the same username on other sites

Many people use the same username on all their social media IDs on different apps. After you search the same user name in another platform and you got the not found page or this profile is not publicly available right now then you are possibly blocked by the user.

Recognize Snapchat account with their photo

People frequently post their best selfy on social media whether it is on Snapchat or other social media platforms. Who doesn’t like to look perfect on their profile picture? But you can easily take that image and search it in Google Image or TinEye. If you find that photo on google, you can right-click on the image and can view similar pictures, and can find your person.

Take direction from google

As you only know the username of any Snapchat user, then you need to type the username inside extracts (for eg: “Snapchat_username”) which will show you the actual results. Google will exclude other search results that are not exactly what you want by adding the parameter.


In the end, I would like to say that Snapchat is a fun app in which you can share your photos and videos with different filters and lenses and also save them as memories. Snapchat has a lot of features that you may know and which you can easily discover on the internet. You can download this app on the app store for ios and google play store for Android.

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