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Best Educational Apps for Android 2022

In this digital era, people prefer to perform things in digital ways than conventional ways that why apps, software, and digital tools are getting popular. In this article, we will provide you with some educational apps which help you to replace convention learning ways for free.

If you look a few years back then you may know that there is a huge change in the educational system. Due to which students and teachers are unable to complete all things through a single textbook. They need alternate books or sources to cover their course.

In this article, we provide you list of digital ways which help you to learn anything instantly on your demand.

What are the top and best Educational Apps for Android 2022?

If you are searching for educational apps on the internet, you will get more than 500,000 results. So, it is not easy to choose the right app from this huge number due to which we have mentioned a few most downloaded and used apps below like,

Reading Eggs App

This is one of the most downloaded and ward-winning learning apps which helps kids and children in reading and writing. In this new app, users will get different reading and writing games, fun activities, and more than 2000 virtual storybooks.

Mobile Educational Apps

It is paid app but the developer has added a 30-date trial version for free which helps people to know about app features and activities. Apart from this free version which enough to know how your child has progressed in reading and writing.

After knowing improvement users can easily subscribe to the premium package of this new which are based on monthly, half-yearly, and yearly. Once subscribing to packages users will be able to unlock all premium features and stories in the app for free.

BOOKR Class App

It is the latest storytelling app which is basically made for learning the English language. Like other learning apps, users will get tons of animated English stories and games which help the student to learn English.

Apart from students and kids, this new app is also very useful for teachers because it has ready digital material which they can use anywhere at any time for free through their smartphones and tablet.

This app also helps the parent to track their children’s overall engagement, reading skills, assignments, level progression, and language skills directly through this new app from their smartphones and tablets.

Khan Academy App

This is a free educational app that is designed for all age group students and also for teachers where they will get lessons, exercises, instructional videos, and other digital material which help the student to cover their school syllabus.

In this app, students will get separate portions for different subjects like Math, English, Science, and other subjects. Students will get more than 43000 videos based on different subjects for free.

If you are looking for an education app then you must try this new app which is easily available on all apps tire and free to download and use. It doesn’t have any premium or paid features.

Quizlet App

This is the new and latest education app special released for teachers who are looking for different quiz set for their students. In this new app, the student will get tons of quiz sets for different subjects and education levels for free.

Image of Mobile Educational Apps

Apart from getting quizzes users also have the option to upload different quizzes which are available in different languages so that students from all around the world get a chance to solve them virtually through their devices.

Apart from subject quizzes students will also get language, history, and other such quizzes which help them to participate in different competitive exams for free.

Notability App

This is the new and latest education app that does not provide students and teacher with learning material but help them to make a note on their smartphone through this app.

If you have this app on your device then you don’t need any paper and pencil because this new app allows you to type and write different notes through this new app which is totally free to download and use.

This has supported all types of documents like PDF, Word, and many more which is best for teachers for grading students’ papers directly through their smartphone and tablet for free.

Like other android apps, educational apps are also easily available on the google play store and the third-party website. If you are unable to find the above-mentioned apps on official app stores then you must try third-party websites.

While downloading these apps from third-party websites allow all permissions and also enable unknown sources from security settings. After installing the app, you will see the app on the icon on your screen.

Final Words,

Educational Apps are a simple tool that helps students, teachers, and other people free access to digital study material. If you are frustrated buying different course books then you must try these abovementioned other apps which help you to access all subjects and other learning material for free. Learning is fun digitally, and you can choose any field to get instant, updated information related to it. Visit and explore more apps with educational material and resources.


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