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Easy Way to Make Your iPhone Run Faster

Easy way to make your iPhone run faster

In this post, you will get a few tips and techniques for increasing the speed of your iPhone.  Updating your phone is one of them.  Getting rid of unused applications and lowering visuals to make the UI more responsive

Like Android phones, iPhones degrade in performance with time. Your iPhone may have slowed down for several reasons.

Junk files and a lack of available storage space are the most frequent culprits. So instead of purchasing a new phone, try these tricks to make your existing one last longer.

Update your iPhone or iPad to the latest version:

Update your iPhone’s operating system (iOS) to the most recent version. Updates to your phone’s operating system keep it up-to-date with the latest performance and bug-fixing enhancements.

In addition, iOS (operating system) upgrades for iPhones assist in speeding up the device. Newer iOS versions of Apple’s mobile operative system work with older devices. As an example, the iPhone 6s, released in 2015, will be upgraded to the latest version of iOS 14.

Restart: Sometimes nothing more complicated than a restart can do the trick. To summarize, restarting the iPhone improves performance by a significant margin. Any temporary files are cleared when a phone is restarted.

This also empties the RAM and shuts down all currently running apps that have active caches.

As a result, rebooting your phone clears all of these settings and recharges its battery. This helps to improve application speed while also assisting in the resolution of specific frequent issues.

Reduce the use of graphic elements:

You may improve the speed of your iPhone by decreasing the number of animations. For example, by minimizing transition animations, the SoC of the Graphic rendering is freed up to do other tasks, such as launching applications quicker.

Here, you need to follow these steps to make this feature work.

Go to Setting>General>Accessibility>Reduce Motion.


Clear Memory: The quicker your phone is, the more space you have available on your device. Delete outdated applications and move old photos to your PC or the cloud to free up space on your phone’s memory.

Because the iPhone doesn’t have expandable memory, making it quicker and providing you more room for new applications. If you want your iPhone to operate faster, make sure you leave at least 10GB of storage free.

To make extra room in your system’s memory, you may also delete the data in Safari and Siri. First, scroll to the bottom of the Settings menu to find Safari. Then, scroll down to ‘Clear History and Website Data’ and tap on it on the next page.

Battery: Batterygate refers to Apple’s installation of performance restrictions on earlier iPhone models to keep the system stable when the batteries in such phones deteriorated.

To extend the life of older iPhones with depleted batteries, Apple has begun to slow them down. It all became known as “battery gate” because this became such a huge deal. To help consumers better manage their phone’s battery life, Apple has included a Battery Health Meter to the iPhone.

The peak efficiency capability may be turned off to make your iPhone run faster, but the battery life may suffer due to this change.

Reset the system to its default settings:

If you’ve tried all of the above suggestions and your phone’s performance hasn’t improved, try the next step. Now, only one option is left for you, and it’s Resetting your iPhone to factory setting. The data on your phone will be erased if you use this method.

As a result, before doing this step, make a copy of your data on a separate drive. Then, if your iCloud storage is whole, connect your iPhone to your computer and use iTunes to create a backup of your data.

For an iPhone factory reset, follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings
  • General
  • Reset
  • Erase All Content and Settings. 

Once you have done it, you will see your iPhone is performing in a faster mode.


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