Guide to Clear Chat in Discord [Delete All Messages]

Guide to Clear Chat in Discord [Delete All Messages]

Discord is an online platform where you can communicate with people in chat, voice, and video. It also offers the feature of building a community of your friends and families. Deleting messages on any platform is once in a while essential to free up space, rethink yourself, or dispose of long stretches of messiness. Getting rid of fake members is equally important for ensuring a safe environment.

Unfortunately, Discord the same, and a few clients feel constrained to erase the entirety of their messages eventually or other. While helpful, Discord isn’t enamored with its clients erasing messages. On the off chance that you disrupt the guidelines, it might be considered violence, and you may have to face the consequences.

Discord is a popular communication platform but widely recognized in the gaming community. It offers the text chat option, but its voice chat option is more popular than other options. In addition, you can communicate with your friends or squad on online games with high quality of sound.

Your text chat can get loaded up with many messages. Still, it depends upon the size of your Discord server, regardless of whether you need to delete these messages to dispose of inappropriate messages or because you need to clean the record. So realize the least complex approach to clean your server’s backlog.

This post is related to the approaches; by following them, you can deal with your Discord server’s message backlog, including how to clean the record of every one of your messages. 

How many types of text messages in DiscordDiscord?

Discord has two particular kinds of text messages, i.e., Direct Messages and Channel Messages. 

Direct Messages: 

Direct messages are private chats between two people. 

Channel Messages: 

Channel messages are the discussion that is shared inside the entire gathering on a particular channel. 

Each sort of Message works in numerous manners having various standards. For example, at the beginning of discord launching, administrators could erase or eliminate messages in mass inside the local UI of the Discord application. Unfortunately, this caused issues with the Discord information bases. A large number of administrators would mass erase messages simultaneously. 

Thus, this usefulness was cleared out from the local UI. Luckily, while it isn’t as natural as previously, it is as yet conceivable to erase the entirety of your Discord server messages. 

Here is the method to clear chat in Discord – DIRECT MESSAGES IN DISCORD 

DiscordDiscord doesn’t allow the user to delete a direct conversation between two people. Close the chat panel so you don’t see messages. You can likewise eliminate your copy of a message so it vanishes from history. However, the Message stays there in the other individual’s chat panel and on the Discord servers. Here’s the way to erase your nearby copy: 

  1. Initially, you have to right-click on the client with whom you’ve made conversation via Direct Message and pick Message. 
  2. You will see the Direct Messages panel on the half of the screen and navigate to over the conversation and tap the X that shows up. 
  3. The conversation disappears, essentially on your side. Ensure there is no affirmation discourse, so don’t go tapping the X on discussions you should keep. 
  4. If you need to shroud a couple of Direct Message discussions, it’s just as simple as that. However, on the off chance that you need to erase channel messages, here are the means by which to do as such. 


It’s possible to delete channel messages like direct messages, and there are different approaches to do that. Erasing of channel messages includes three approaches.


The primary way is to erase the Message physically. Here’s the secret: 

  1. To start with, you need to open the text channel that has the Message that you need to erase. 
  2. Go to the Message until the three-spot symbol shows up on the extreme right. Next, you need to click on the mark, then, at that point, pick Delete from the menu. 
  3. The following pop-up prompting window will open you to affirm your choice. Next, click on the Delete button. 
  4. This functions admirably if you have a couple of hazardous messages to dispose of. Yet, it is not appropriate for disposing of a massive number of text messages. 

If you are interested in deleting the messages, then you should move to the following approach.


A second approach to ‘Clear Chat in Discord’ is to utilize a bot extraordinarily intended for message removal. There are numerous bots you can choose from. In any case, at present, the MEE6 bot is the top choice among Discord server administrators. There are no complications in installing the MEE6 bot/ 

  1. Initially, sign in to your Discord server. 
  2. Secondly, go to the MEE6 site. 
  3. At this stage, it will require you to pick to Add to Discord and click Authorize to empower the bot to deal with your server. 
  4. Pick the proper server. 
  5. MEE6 bot will request permission so that it can delete all the messages. Click the Authorize button when prompted. 

You can permit the Moderation module from the MEE6 control board. When MEE6 is installed, you can use bunches of commands to erase messages, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. 

When it is approved, you can utilize a few commands to delete messages. Use ‘! clear @username’ to erase a specific client’s past 100 messages. Use ‘!clear 1000’ to eliminate the keep going 1000 messages on the channel. Additionally, you can change the number to reflect the number of messages you need to erase. However, the most significant digit is 1000. 

We are telling you that it’s the least complicated technique for erasing countless messages immediately. 


Some users reported that the MEE6 bot failed in dealing with their concerns. We will suggest you erase every one of the messages in a channel is to clone the channel. However, this vital makes a new copy of the channel doesn’t copy over the channel’s old message history. 

  1. To start with, you have prepared the list of the bots you have on the channel since cloning a channel doesn’t generally copy them across. 
  2. Secondly, need to right-click on the channel you need to clone. 
  3. Pick Clone Channel. 
  4. At this stage, you can rename the cloned channel if you need it. 
  5. Click on Create Channel. 
  6. Erase the old channel. 
  7. Now, you can open the cloned version and add any bot which you want.

Cloning a channel will likewise add the entirety of the clients from the old channel and recover everybody’s consent. Additionally, plan it simpler than making another channel without any preparation. Presently, every one of the messages in the old channel is erased, and your most recent channel has similar settings. 

Final Words:

Discord is an online communication platform via text, voice, and video. It’s well known among gamers, and it also allows users to build a community of their friends and family. However, deleting messages from DiscordDiscord is the violence of policy. In this article, we talked about approaches. By following them, you erase all messages from DiscordDiscord.

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