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Those who work in offices or those who do jobs can’t pay complete attention to their houses. In this situation, if you have guests at your home, you can’t clean your house by yourself. In this pandemic, your house needs deep cleaning services because nobody wants to take a risk to be a part of the Corona Virus.

We clean our houses daily or weekly, but after few months our homes want deep cleaning that we can’t do in one day, so we hire a cleaning team for cleaning that gives your house deep clean from one corner to another.

First of all, you should know the difference between regular cleaning and deep cleaning.

What is the difference between regular cleaning and deep cleaning?

Regular Cleaning

The simple thing you should know about regular cleaning is that it is a regular cleaning or weekly basis as per your maintained schedule. This is also referred to as domestic cleaning.

Regular cleaning maintains a good level of cleanliness of your house which you can do on a daily or weekly basis.

Things that cover in regular cleaning are:

  • Hoovering and mopping the floor
  • Bathroom cleaning including sink, mirror, bath and toilet
  • Cleaning the kitchen including working space, sink, stove etc
  • Lounge cleaning, including shelves, dusting, tidying up, and cobweb if needed.
  • Bedroom cleaning includes changing bedsheet, dusting and vacuum etc.

Deep cleaning is completely different from regular cleaning.

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning is different from regular cleaning; it reaches your deep grime and dirt of your home.

Deep cleaning can’t do daily, and you can do it after every six months or feel your house wants to need proper cleaning. In this busy life, we can’t give the deep cleaning of our house alone. We have a team; they provide professional cleaning services to your homes and offices etc.

Things that include in deep cleaning are:

General Rooms

  • Cleaning of all cobwebs around your room and dusting of ceiling
  • Cleaning shelves, tables, side corners, furniture, units and other surfaces
  • Cleaning all-glass surface, mirrors, TV and all photo frames
  • Vacuum all carpets and mats
  • Steam cleaning all hard floor
  • Washing carpet
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Washing curtains
  • Freshen the air
  • Cleaning of all the rooms from top to bottom


  • Working top cleaning
  • Cabinets cleaning from inside
  • Drawers cleaning
  • Microwave cleaning from inside/ oven
  • Clean hob, sink, taps and drain area
  • Dining table cleaning
  • Inside the fridge, inside the washing machine
  • Freshen the air


  • Disinfect toilet
  • Clean floor
  • Clean walls and tiles
  • Steam clean floor/ polish
  • Cleaning and killing germs on a hard floor
  • Washing basin and clean all mirrors
  • Freshen the air


  • Dusting all shelves, TV, table etc
  • Sofa cleaning
  • Changing sofa covers
  • Washing floor properly
  • Disinfect the area
  • Wall cleaning
  • Vacuum carpets
  • Cleaning fans
  • Freshen air

All these cleanings come in deep cleaning that we can’t do alone daily, so we provide professional cleaning services with experienced staff.

Commercial Cleaning Service

As your house needs deep cleaning your workplace should also be clean. House cleaning is important because we can’t live in a dirty place. It is our responsibility to clean the workplace. If you have a business, you have to clean it like your home. Whether your business is small or has a huge setup, it needs to be a clean and hygienic environment.

Cleaning your workplace keeps your employees clean too. As these days, the Corona is a big pandemic you can’t take a risk because so many people come and go to offices, so commercial cleaning is necessary for your business.

Types of Commercial Cleaning

There are so many tasks that commercial cleaners take on to help business clean. Different commercial cleaning companies provide various services according to your business type like office cleaning, hotels cleaning, supermarket cleaning, gyms and fitness cleaning, school cleaning etc. It includes cleaning services such as kitchen cleaning, house cleaning, and daily office cleaning tasks, like vacuuming or emptying bins.

Many of these tasks we do at homes, but when you take commercial cleaning, it wants heavy-duty cleaning equipment that is available on cleaning companies.

Commercial Cleaning

Office Cleaning Includes

  • Polishing floors
  • Emptying bins and replace bin bags
  • Dusting all furniture
  • Spot cleaning
  • Vacuuming carpets
  • Moping floor
  • Washing staff bathrooms
  • Cleaning entrance
  • Maintaining stairs
  • Wiping big windows, glass and mirrors
  • Cleaning your office appliances
  • Removing Cobweb and dusting ceiling
  • Eating area cleaning
  • A dusting of furniture deeply
  • Disinfect your all working rooms
  • Polishing woodwork
  • Scrubbing and disinfecting employees cabins

An office is a place it needs to be clean daily because dusty offices give a bad impression and nobody visits that type of dirty areas. Because the infection spreads fast, Corona is a big reason everyone is avoiding to visit the big places full of people so if your office will be clean and disinfected from viruses like Corona Virus more people will visit you.

Benefits of Commercial Cleaning

When your employees use the same keyboards, it needs to be clean because your keyboard gets so many germs and transfers to each other.

60% of the absence of employee ruins your work, and it is a big loss of your business, the clean and hygienic environment control your worker’s lack.

70% of your employees share the phone receivers, computers, mouse and other office equipment, and all these things need to be clean properly for a better environment.

If your working place is clean, your workers will be kept healthy and fit, less worker absence that will help you grow your business.

Stay healthy and happy with a clean working environment!

Office Cleaning Services

Office cleaning services is a trustworthy cleaning company in Uk. We believe in quality service, and our image is paramount to us, we provide professional cleaning services. Your premises must be kept and left clean, fresh and secure. We pride ourselves in the high-quality services we have to offer you as a client. Our staff uses quality chemical products and new, highly maintained equipment and is thoroughly trained in using them.


  • A seven-day Emergency Line;
  • Fortnightly visits with our Field team – to evaluate our services and ensure that you are getting the standards you require
  • Uniformed Staff with Company Identification
  • Our Cleaning staff have been thoroughly trained and vetted
  • Key Holders Service; etc.

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