CTET Central Teacher Eligibility Test Complete Guide

CTET: The Roadmap to Becoming a Career-Shaper for the Coming Generations

Central Teacher Eligibility Test (CTET) is a national level teachers eligibility test that is conducted every year by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).

Through this exam, CBSE ascertains the eligibility of candidates for recruitment of teachers in classes I-VIII in various Central Government schools across India. 

The CTET exam is a golden opportunity for candidates seeking a government teaching job. A government teaching job not only offers a decent salary and job security but is also viewed as a reputed career prospect in society. 

The exam is conducted twice each year in two phases i.e., Paper-I and Paper-II. The candidates planning to teach in classes I-V must appear for the Paper-I test whereas, candidates intending on teaching in classes VI-VII should apply for the Paper-II test. 

On that note, let’s talk about some crucial preparation tips that can help candidates to crack the CTET exam to bag a government teaching job. 

Go Through the Exam Pattern and Prescribed Syllabus

Before beginning your preparation for the CTET exam, aspirants should have a thorough cognizance of the CTET Exam Date, Eligibility Criteria, Syllabus, Exam Pattern and more. Out of the aforementioned details, knowing the exam pattern and syllabus is necessary, as it will help you in designing a proper preparation strategy and how you intend to attempt the exam.

Lack of a stark understanding of the exam pattern will prompt several doubts in details relating to stages in the selection process, subjects and the number of questions to expect, time limit and more. 

Likewise, not having complete knowledge of the exam syllabus can lead to you wasting your energy and time on topics that are not relevant and which might not be even mentioned in the exam syllabus.

Enroll in an Online Crash Course to Prepare for CTET

It is helpful for an aspirant to enroll himself/herself in a decent online crash course to boost his/her preparation for the CTET exam. Online coaching services offered by multiple platforms provide students guidance from experienced mentors along with educational resources for effective preparation. 

You can get tips, methods, and strategies to improve your preparation at the same time you can clear your doubts instantly from expert teaching faculty. Additionally, you will get study notes, mock and practice tests, quizzes, and more. This will help you revise, practice questions, and evaluate your performance as the tests and quizzes include a detailed performance summary.

Attempt Previous Years CTET Papers

Solving questions of previous years question papers will give you an insight into the pattern of questions and weightage of various topics within each section. 

In this manner, practicing and addressing previous year papers will give you the knowledge of the type of questions to expect in the exam and the significant topics to zero in on during preparation.

Read Carefully the Theories and Practices Mentioned in the National Curriculum Framework (NCF) 2005

The practices and standards archived in NCF 2005 make the base or foundation of the questions on physical classroom teaching dependent on practical application angles. 

CTET exam centers around testing the applicant’s understanding and cognizance of Child assessment, Practical based methodology in instructing, Child-focused learning approach,  recognizing and encouraging students effort for learning. 

Furthermore, an applicant is advised to go through the most recent published National Curriculum Framework document i.e., NCF 2005 to get essential information about teaching methods and practices.

Have a Thorough Knowledge of the Child Development And Pedagogy Subject

Although the Child pedagogy and development section carries just one-fifth fraction of the total marks in each paper-I and paper-II of the CTET exam, knowledge of this subject is crucial for building an aptitude and skills to be a good educator. 

An in-depth study of theory in this subject will assist the applicant with understanding the learning needs of the students and their cognitive development. 

This will also help a budding teacher in finding out effective teaching methods and practices to guarantee the best learning experience. It also helps in gaining knowledge of the children’s psychology of different classes.

Attempt Regular Online CTET Mock Tests

It is highly recommended to attempt regular mock tests and quizzes for bolstering their preparation for any exam and so is true for CTET too.

Aspirants should not only give mock tests regularly but must also evaluate their overall and sectional performance, make a note of their strengths and weaknesses so that they could benefit from their strengths, and could work on their weaknesses. 

Apart from this, attempting mock tests offers a great simulation of the examination hall environment, so you get used to the ticking clock with a bunch of questions to address before the clock ticks down. 

Lastly, giving online mock tests will help you enhance your ability to answer questions with speed and accuracy.

Make Short and Crisp Notes and Revise Regularly

Making short notes in a crisp manner of basic concepts and facts in each theoretical subject is very important for revision. Furthermore, making notes separately of short tricks and formulas in mathematics can help aspirants to go through them quickly just before the exam.

Due to this, aspirants will be able to revisit and recall what they have studied previously as they move on from one topic to another. Revision should not only be carried out just few days before the exam but ought to be done regularly since the start of the exam preparation. 

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