Child Support Texas Custodial login

Texas Child Support Login | Make a Payment 

It is the State of Texas has online interactive resources that you can request services or make payments for child support or get information on the child support accounts you have.

How to Login: 

Step 1: If you are the parents, so go to this Page, enter “CIN” and PIN click on “login”

If you forgot “CIN” You can click on “Request that your CIN can send by Mail” Now go to page where you enter SSN (Social Security Number) date of birth and date of birth of your child than click on “Submit”

Step 2: If you are the non-custodial parent, go to this website and enter your member ID and PIN to access services.

How to Make Payment: 

In Texas it is possible to pay by sending it to the address below:

  • Texas State Disbursement Unit (SDU)
  • PO Box 659791
  • San Antonio, TX 78265-9791

Make sure you include the following:

  • Your Full name
  • Your 10 Digit Case Number
  • Your cause number — the identification number found on the court case that establishes the child support order
    custodial parent’s name

If you want to Pay online, you can go to this website and choose to pay either by debiting your bank account or with a debit/credit card.

How to Apply

In order to apply for child support in Texas, you must either request an application or apply online. In order to request an application or apply online, go to this site and click your desired service.