Want a perfect carrom breaking? Learn how to play carrom here

Want a perfect carrom breaking? Learn how to play carrom here

Do you admire carrom games? Want to learn how to play carrom and become a pro player in it? Well, you are at the right place to know how to play carrom. Carrom is now available online as well as offline. You can play carrom police in gaming platforms such as carrom mania, carrom pool, Getmega, carrom king and so on.

Carrom is one of the popular indoor games, which is played by people of all age groups especially in this Covid-19 era. The game has gained immense popularity among kids and they love playing it with their friends and family. It is basically played for leisure. Initially, it was played only as an indoor game but now there are many tournaments and events are organized for carrom games. Also, you can win exciting rewards and cash prizes by playing it online. 

With its availability in online platforms, people can play with anyone sitting anywhere in the world. Carrom games require lots of concentration and practice. The main objective of the carrom game is to pocket all the pieces or carrom men into any of the pockets along with the queen before other players. 

Now let’s know how to play carrom.

How to play carrom in a perfect way

  1. When you are playing singles, you have to sit opposite to each other. If you are playing doubles, then the opponent’s will sit opposite to each other. 
  2. It is restricted to move the chair or your position for the strike as players have to play the whole without moving the seat.
  3. The carrom game starts with a toss in which the referee has to hide and ask which colour carrommen is holding in his hands. The player with the right will have the opportunity to decide who will play first.
  4. The referee will arrange all the carrommen and queen at the centre of the carrom board. There will be 9 black carrom men and 9 white carrom men. All the carrom men will be arranged around the queen in circular form.


  1. Support you by playing a team game. The winning team will get the opportunity for opening strike and those two players can decide if they want to strike or not. 
  2. The team which plays first will have white carrom men and has to pocket them.
  3. If the players pocket the carrom men, then he will have another chance to strike.
  4. If the player missed to pocket the carromen, then the opponent will take the striker to continue the game. This striker will be transferred to the players sitting in anti-clockwise direction. 
  5. The opponent has to pocket the black carromen.
  6. When players strike the striker, only their arm will rest on the board and no other body part should touch the board.
  7. The striker must be in the right position that is on the baseline. The players should avoid jerking the striker or board. This will be regarded as a foul.
  8. There are a lot of opportunities to break in the singles game but there is a rare opportunity to break in the doubles game and it will happen only in an anti-clockwise direction. 
  9. The player will not get the striker unless the other player misses pocketing the carromemen.
  10.  It must be taken into consideration that the striker must not touch the imaginary line at the time of striking.
  11. When one player has completed his turn, then it is the responsibility of the referee to pass the striker to the next player. All the players must remember that they are not allowed to pass the striker to other players. 
  12. Queen is the most important part of the carrom and it must be pocketed just after the player pockets his carrom men.
  13. The black and white carrom men carry one point and the queen has the three points which boost the score.
  14. The game will come to an end if one of the player’s all carrom men is pocketed and the queen is also pocketed by one of the players. 
  15. The carrom game is usually played for 25 points. The players are not allowed to count the queen for 21 and more than that point. The player who scores 25 will be declared as the winner.
  16. Each player will be given only 10 seconds to striker otherwise the opponent will get the opportunity. 


Now we hope that you have got the answer to your question as to how to play carrom. Also, we have mentioned some rules related to the striker, how to cover the queen as scoring also. Other than that, if you want to become a pro player in carrom game, then you have to practice it as much as you can. You can practice it online on the Getmega gaming platform and participate in many tournaments. The gaming platform is designed for both amateur players as well as pro players. So, you can play free games and become a pro player to defeat your opponent. All the best.

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