Best Plex Plugins You Should Try

Best Plex Plugins You Should Try

Plex plugins add extra usefulness that Plex doesn’t uphold all alone. There are many outsider plugins; however, only one out of every odd plugin is the correct decision for each client. Here we will share the best Plex plugins you should introduce currently to improve your streaming experience, auto-download subtitles, and change the plex interface.

Why Plex Plugins Shut down?

As Plex proceeds to extend and smooth out its functionality, large numbers of its conventional highlights drop off the radar. Despite the downfall of plex, you can still access its services via web and third-party providers, but these are the manual tools. The issue people face is finding the best plex plugins. This article will tell you the best plex plugins that are tested positive on behalf of people.

Important highlights

Before going to explore best plex plugins, you should know this process for access plex plugins,

  • First of all, you have to download the zip file of the plugin.
  • Now, extract it and make the copy plugin_name—bundle folder to your local Plex Plugins folder.
  • To get to, need to right-taps on the Plex icon at the lower portion and taps on “Open Plug-ins Folder.”
  • You can likewise copy-paste this file on this location “%LOCALAPPDATA%\Plex Media Server\Plug-ins” in the Run box and hit enter.
  • When you have done copy, paste restart your Plex Server. Wait for the restart, and you ought to have the option to see the plex under the Plugins segment.

Here are the best Plex Plugins in 2k19:


This unofficial plex app store for the plex server can be accessed with the same credential as the plex. Utilizing this apparatus, you can download all the recently mentioned applications straightforwardly to Plex. The App Store is a web-based interface, and it tends to be gotten to on a different IP, which will be shown when you click on the plex.

Download: WebTools

Trakt Scrobbler

Trakt scrobbler is known as reputed useful plugins for the plex, but it removes this from the plex channel when the plex shut down. In any case, you can download it utilizing WebTools, and it works immaculately. On the off chance that you didn’t have any acquaintance with it, it keeps tabs on your progress of films and TV shows you have watched by matching up your playlist with your Track ID. It likewise gives appraisals to the clips.

Hence, if various individuals are watching a similar material over a Plex Server, it struggles to sync. It could get irritating a lot on those occasions.

Download: GitHub

Manga Here

If you are interested in mangas content, you can get mangas through the managhere plugin due to its neat characteristic of content. The plugin is available inside WebTools, and you need to introduce it to push on your Plex server. It gives a portal to peruse mangas on Plex itself as opposed to visiting the Manga site.

Download: mangahere


This plex plugin has a straightforward user interface and famous for bringing Live TV and Live streaming from the Internet to your plex server. For the Plex clients, it gives to a greater degree a digital TV experience. It incorporates motion pictures, news channels, and essentially every class. Due to these reasons, you should try this plex plugin in 2019.

Download: IPTV


FilmOn is popular among people who are used to dealing with the plex plugin. It includes  Horror, Sports, Comedy, etc., and these are organized by separate category. FilmOn takes the media streaming experience to another level by coordinating free TV channels. It streams channels from various nations to you, disregarding the Geolocation. You should pay for the paid substance, and it likewise incorporates compensation for every view service.

Download: FilmOn


Tautulli is an efficient plex plugin tool. The most positive aspect of this tool is that it lets you access multiple IPs accessing via single IP. It’s simple to pinpoint the bottleneck. His is the thing that makes it unique. Tautulli is an astonishing tool that gives you a graphical perspective on running shows, watch time, and data transmission utilization of others.

Download: Tautulli


Sub-zero plex plugin is known as a tool for downloading subtitles of Movies, TV series. Users who love to watch movies or any other content in the secondary language need subtitles. That’s why it’s for them. Presently, Plex, as of now, gives an inbuilt subtitle producer called Open Subtitles. However, commonly it neglects to work.

Even Sub-Zero has a few defects, yet it accumulates in subtitles from 10 individual subtitles supplier destinations and APIs.  On the off chance that subtitles don’t work, you can likewise go on the web and discover the SRT(SubRip Subtitle record) documents and manually supply it to Sub-Zero.

Download: Sub-Zero


Ombi is a well-known plex plugin and has a straightforward user interface. You should possibly utilize it if you get regular requests from clients to transfer or download content on your Plex Server. It gives an online interface to deal with all the film demands. When you move the material, the client is informed by means of email about the transfer. Clients can likewise report for a specific flaw.

Download: Ombi



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