Best laptops for World of Warcraft in 2023 (5 best gaming laptops)

Best laptops for World of Warcraft in 2022 (5 best gaming laptops)

Laptops for World of Warcraft can come with a variety of different features, specs, and prices. Some laptops are specifically designed for gaming, while others may be more general-purpose machines.

Laptops that are specifically designed for gaming often have higher specs than other models and may include dedicated graphics cards or processors to improve performance. They may also have more powerful ports, such as USB 3.0 and HDMI, to allow for faster data transfers and better video output.

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Laptops that are not specifically designed for gaming can also be used for World of Warcraft, but they may not have the same level of performance or features. Some laptop manufacturers offer model specific deals or discounts on their gaming laptops in order to attract gamers.

System Requirements for WOW gaming laptop

We have put together a list of specifications that you should consider when buying a gaming laptop. A balance of specs, value and expenses is what you must keep. We tried to keep a balance between minimum and recommended specifications. You just need to read through it and make your own blend of specs.

Requirements you should consider

Processor Intel® Core™ i5-3450
AMD FX™ 8300
Intel® Core™ i7-6700K
AMD Ryzen™ 7 2700X
Grapics Card Intel® UHD Graphics 630 (45W TDP)
AMD Radeon™ RX 560 2 GB
NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 760 2 GB
AMD Radeon™ RX Vega 64 8 GB
NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1080 8 GB
or better
Storage in SSD/HDD 100GB Available 100GB Available
RAM 4 GB RAM (8GB for integrated graphics) 8 GB RAM
Operating System Windows® 7 64-bit Windows® 10 64-bit
Internet Broadband internet connection Broadband internet connection
Display Resolution 1024 x 768 minimum resolution 1024 x 768 minimum resolution
Input requirements No other than Keyboard and mouse supported Multi-button mouse with scroll wheel

Best Laptops for World of Warcraft Comparison Table 2022

1. Lenovo Legion Y540

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Lenovo Legion Y540 is the latest 15.6″ gaming laptop from the Chinese tech giant, Lenovo. It offers an excellent gaming experience, thanks to its Hexa-core i7-9750H CPU and GTX 1660Ti 6GB graphics card.

The laptop also comes with a 144Hz refresh rate for smooth gameplay. Additionally, it is equipped with 16GB of RAM and 256GB of SSD storage for ample space to store your games and files. Finally, it features a 9th Gen i7-9750H processor which offers better performance than previous generations.

The Y540 is a 15′′ laptop with a screen that is 2 million pixels. It’s possible to show off your favorite games in high definition. The refresh rate of its displays makes for a smooth game, while the 250 nit brightness will keep you from being too focused on the screen. The Legion Y540 is a precision engineering masterpiece that delivers the best gaming experience to your hands with 1.7mm of key travel for an ergonomics and comfortable typing feel, while using a numbers pad too.

2. AORUS 15P

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The Aorus 15P is a thin and light gaming laptop with great performance. AORUS 15P is a thin and light gaming laptop with an aluminum chassis that weighs only 3.2 kg. It has a 15.6-inch FHD 144Hz IPS display with a GeForce RTX 2060 graphics card, 10th Gen Intel i7-10750H processor, 16GB DDR4 memory, and 512GB NVMe SS storage. It also has 2x USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-A ports, 1x USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C port, 1x HDMI output port, 1x RJ45 LAN port, and 1x SD Card Reader.

It is the best gaming laptop in the world. The AORUS 15P gives you a bigger display of real estate without increasing the size of the computer. A thinner frame means less wasted, as this modern monitor can show off more of what matters most and still fit in an ultra-thin frame that won’t get lost at sea on your desk or crowded out by other monitors.

The wow gaming computer has two independent displays for your games and videos, and nothing can stop it from dominating. In the quest for a more sustainable future, we want our laptops to last longer than eight hours on one charge.

This laptop comes with an exclusive Microsoft Azure artificial intelligence that can be used to match hardware profiles to your daily usage and provide you with maximum efficiency to play smooth games like World of Warcraft, or PUBG Mobile.

3. MSI’s GF65

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The CUK GF65 Thin by MSI is a powerful gaming notebook that offers great features and performance. It comes with an Intel Core i7 processor, 64GB of memory, and a 2TB NVMe SSD. The graphics card on this laptop is a NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 6GB, which provides great performance for gaming. Additionally, the 15.6 inch FHD 144Hz IPS-Level display on this device makes it perfect for multimedia use and gaming.

Design and build quality The CUK GF65 Thin by MSI has a sleek and stylish design that is easy to grip. It has a slim profile, measuring only 0.8 inches at its thickest point, and weighing just over 5 pounds. The body is made from aluminum, which gives it a premium look. It also features a silver metallic trim that gives it a high-end look.

This laptop also has a unique matte black finish on the lid and bezel. The keyboard on this laptop is backlit and features a red accent color. It has a large number pad that can be used to navigate through menus and windows. It has comfortable keys that are spaced well apart, making it easy to type on. The touchpad is large and smooth, with an 8-point multi-touch functionality. The buttons on the top left and right of the touchpad allow you to quickly access your favorite functions.

4. Dell XPS 13

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The Dell XPS 13 is a great laptop to use. The screen size and weight make it easy to carry around, as well as providing excellent performance that makes it the best laptop for playing WOW. Including its compact design with an HD+ resolution of 3200 x 1800 will give you plenty of real display to make things really fun.

The processor is powered by Intel’s 11th generation Core i7-1165G7 and has integrated Intel iris Xe graphics for graphics rich visuals. It also comes with 32GB of LPDDR4x RAM and 512GB SSD for storage. The travel charger, AC adapter, and Windows 10 Home 64-bit operating system are included in the box.

This beastly wow gaming laptop will give you the performance you need in all areas. There are a lot of things that you can do on the internet, without slowing down even a little bit.

5. Latest Apple MacBook Air

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The latest MacBook Air is powered by the Apple M1 chip, which is perfect for power and performance. If you love staying in an environment that offers all of your needs this sleek laptop has it covered with ease of use features as well as being easy on the go thanks to it’s slim design which makes carrying around extra pounds unnecessary. The performance of the first built system is unparalleled today or last year. If graphics-intensive tasks are what most users do, then it is perfect.

MacBook Air wasn’t always about high-quality performance but rather style & portability since launch back when MacBooks were fashionable among big shots. This elegant, lightweight, and stylish PC is perfect for the world of Warcraft laptop requirements. With a 13.3″ LED-backlit widescreen display that supports millions of colors with a resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels you’ll be able to watch your favorite shows in HD without any lag time.

It also has an Intel Core i7 processor so multitasking is easy as pie on this baby because it can handle anything we throw at ’em. Even if that’s 18 hours worth of battery life thanks to its generous sizing 512GB SSD drive which stores all those big files while they’re still relevant without taking up too much space on our regular drives (or laptop). Wireless connectivity? Check; Bluetooth 5Wi-Fi 6 it will connect you with a wink of an eye.

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