Do you own a rooted Android phone or tablet? Here are a few applications to help you get the most out of your smartphone. Remember that you’ll need root access to do any of this and that messing around with these applications may result in your phone being bricked.

Titanium backup

In terms of Android backup apps, Titanium Backup Pro is one of the finest. Root access is required for this software; however, it allows you to back up all of your applications and data at once. To make things even easier, it will enable you to create a backup of your system applications if you decide to switch smartphones or swap out your ROM.

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Furthermore, you may delete any program from your smartphone using Titanium’s uninstaller, which means you can get rid of any bloatware applications you don’t need.

However, precautions should be taken while removing any Android system-related applications since doing so may damage the operating system’s data. Titanium backup pro may be purchased for Rs. 413 from the Google Play store.


Greenify is a good option for those looking to save battery life. This software essentially terminates battery-sucking background processes and applications. Greenify lets you put applications to sleep that you deem unimportant, so they don’t keep running in the background.

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If the applications (such as emails, Facebook, and Twitter) sync regularly, you’ll save battery life as well as mobile data. Without root access, you may install and use this software on virtually any Android smartphone. The most recent version of the program is root-free.  However, a rooted smartphone is required to get the most out of this app.

Xposed Framework

To use this program, you must have an Android smartphone that has had root-access enabled. Changes made using the app offer you more customization options, such as those seen on custom ROMs. You may activate and disable modules in the Xposed framework based on your need.

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Xposed Repo, XDA, and even Google Play all have third-party modules you may install. You’ll find a few on Google Play. It’s possible to customize most modules using the settings UI.

Device Control

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Several device functions may be controlled with this program, including running a Tasker, App Manager, Editor, and Entropy Generator. It is possible to prevent device-specific features like screen color temperature, Knock-On, LCD power reduction, vibration strength, CPU and GPU frequencies, governors, i/o schedulers, and Kernel-specific extras like intel-plug and intel-thermal by faux, as well as general-purpose features like voltage control, power scheduling, fast charging, and so on.

Root App Delete

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Android users who are frustrated by the amount of space taken up by bloatware and unnecessary system applications may consider using the Root app remove. The app’s name implies that it allows you to freeze or uninstall applications that you do not need quickly. Just be careful not to delete any critical system files that may lead to a system crash.


Deleted photos may be a significant pain, especially if you have to format your device and lose all of the beautiful memories you captured while on vacation. DiskDigger is the answer if your device is rooted.

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If you’ve ever accidentally deleted essential pictures and images from your phone’s memory card or hard drive, this is the software for you. With the pro version, you’ll be able to recover a broader range of data.

ROM Toolbox Pro

With this software, rooted Android users will have access to a variety of customization options in one place. Titanium Backup, ROM Manager, Root Explorer, and MetaMorph are just a few of the included applications in this package.

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Other apps include SD Booster, BuildProp Editor, Font Installer, Boot Animation Installer, and more. If you’re looking for a single application that can handle all of your adjusting and personalization needs, give this one a go.

Ad Block Plus

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Adblock Plus eliminates all of the intrusive advertisements on your device. The greatest thing about it is that it won’t stop working unless you tell it to by using a filter list. Filter lists inform Adblock Plus which parts of web pages to block using a complex set of criteria. You may use filter lists to prevent tracking and viruses as well as advertising.

Network log

Network Log is an excellent resource for keeping tabs on how much and when your applications consume network data—using iptables-logging, the app tracks which applications connect to the network and what they’re doing on the web. There is a genuine log display in the application, including source and destination addresses/ports, network protocol and interface, bytes transferred, and the timestamp.

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Real-time network use statistics include total packet and byte sends, active network throughput speed in Bps/Kbps/Mbps, last connection time, a list of all connections established by each application, and filterable packets/bytes counters that can be sort by.


Are you running short on available space on your device’s hard drive? To free up more space on your phone, use the Link2SD software. It allows you to transfer apps to your SD card. It offers batch transmitting capabilities and can move any non-protected user app to an SD card.

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Because it makes use of Android’s native SD-card installation functionality, no additional partition is required. In addition, you may manage your applications and data using the cache cleaner, app manager, and other tools that are built into the system.