Locking Tabs: Avoids Accidentally Closing Tabs

Locking Tabs: Avoids Accidentally Closing Tabs

Web browsers such as Firefox and Internet Explore notify you whenever you close multiple tabs. Yet, Chrome does not have this feature. It does make sense because many Firefox users preferred to disable it anyhow. There is some type of website or several web pages that will notify you whenever you guys close them like whenever you are formulating a message in Gmail. This is helpful since it prevents you from losing work. In this article, we are going to talk about Locking Tabs Avoids Accidentally Closing Tabs. This article is about Locking Tabs: Avoids Accidentally Closing Tabs.

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Lock Tab:

A Chrome extension provides you the capacity to lock pages as you browse the web. The extension resists accidentally closing significant tabs whenever you are browsing the web. Users can also lock tabs via clicking the button in the address bar, or via using the Ctrl+Alt+L shortly. Whenever you lock a page, then the tab title changes, and also a Locked keyword is added to the tab as well.

Moreover, when a tab locks, any new pages that you browse in the same tab are also auto-lock. If the tab is locked and also the Freeze page option is selected, Then all the links on the page will be opened in new tabs as well.

The extension adds a padlock icon within the URL bar that you can tap to lock or unlock. The icon alters to express the state of the tab.

Once you have locked the page, you will then notice the tab title changes, and yet a Locked keyword subtracts before the initial tab title. If you close the window or tab, also a Confirm notification instantly displays actually. If you guys want to remove the notification away from the page, then click on Leave this Page, otherwise, click the Stay on this page option.

You need to lock Tab Options to allow you to enable Display notification on locked tabs, Auto-lock new pages now Turn on keyboard shortcut and Freeze page after selecting the page locked settings. When you do that, then tap on the Save & Close button and you are good to

The extension will make sure that you never accidentally close crucial tabs and at the same time. won’t make closing unnecessary tabs a two-step process as well. The extension recognizes the importance of confirming the close of an important tab. And permits users to enforce it freely on whichever website or tab you need. This extension can useful if you guys want to make sure that you don’t close a tab accidentally. However, it has its limitations and might not work on Chrome’s new page, extension page, and also Gmail page. Since it won’t be able to inject the JavaScript code into these domains as well.

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