Aventura Mall Map Updates their Apple Store New Location To Expansive Out Door Pavilion

Aventura Mall Map Updates their Apple Store New Location to Expansive Out Door Pavilion

Aventura Mall Map Updated Their Apple Store New Location To Expansive Outdoor Pavilion. Aventura Mall has always been a pioneer in the luxury retail business. When Aventura mall was first opened in 1976 it was the largest mall in South Florida with over 1 million square feet of retail space.

Aventura mall is located in Miami, Florida, and it was built in 1976. It was designed by Robert A.M. Stern Associates. The mall is famous for its two indoor atrium spaces. It has been a destination for shoppers since it opened. With over 1 million square feet of retail space, Aventura Mall is one of the biggest malls in the United States.

Today, Aventura mall is a modern shopping centre, but it still retains much of the original design. Aventura mall’s design is based on Italian Renaissance and Spanish architecture. Its centrepiece is the atrium, which is the main selling point of the mall.

Apple Aventura is a beautiful building located in Sunny Isles Beach. It was designed by HOK architects. The building consists of a hotel, an office building, and a conference centre. There is also a two-story parking garage at the back of the building. Inside, the hotel has four floors.

The reception desk is on the first floor and features a bar, two restaurants, and the spa. The upper floors feature various meeting rooms. The conference centre includes different functions such as large meetings, private parties, weddings, banquets, etc. The office building is located right behind the hotel. It has five levels and a retail store is located on the ground level.

What’s More?

With the new store opening, it looks like Apple will be keeping all of its events. One of the events that Apple has added to its schedule is Latin Music Fridays. This is a series of sessions that were previously only offered in the US. It is still being held at the Apple Store, but there are new events added. This includes three sessions that will be taking place on September 14th. Each session will focus on a specific type of music.

One of the sessions is called Music Lab. Several photographers and illustrators will be in the session. Apple already hosts a similar event in San Francisco, which is called the Music Lab. This is a photography and illustration session that focuses on musicians.


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