Apps That Can Make Your Mac Experience Better

Apple computers are a powerful ecosystem of excellent apps that make them a powerhouse of performance. You will find robust apps under all the categories, such as multimedia apps, productivity apps, security apps, photo, and video editors, entertainment apps, and more. 

Getting these apps on your computer is quite simple. You can download them from third-party developer websites or Apple’s App Store. These apps are useful for Mac users and are often available for free. 

Let’s learn a little more about these powerful apps in the upcoming sections so that you can decide which apps you can install on your computer for better functioning and performance. 

Interface Apps for Mac


Alfred is an application launcher with a blend of Spotlight, Siri, and more. It allows you to perform web searches, discover word meanings, execute calculations, along with many other functions. 


When you are using too many apps on your computer, Bartender lets you simply organize your apps. You can select the apps that you want to keep on the menu bar while rearranging the position for others. 


The app functions like a shortcut tool to launch apps, move files, and share content through popular platforms such as Flickr, Facebook, etc. Dropzone icon sits in the menu bar to provide you with easy and quick access to its functions. 


Keep your Mac’s interface clean with Unclutter, an app that acts as comprehensive storage for storing recent files, clipboard information, and notes. The files and notes sync automatically across devices through Dropbox. 

Entertainment & Fun Apps for Mac

Mate Translate

If your work requires constant travel, Mate Translate can be your best companion as it allows you to understand a foreign language. According to, the app enables you to translate words, sentences, and phrases in more than 100 languages. 

VLC Media Player 

When it comes to speed and compatibility, VLC Media Player is a popular and open-source application that allows for video conversion, subtitle support, and a plethora of video filters to let you crop and customize playback. 


Avid users know about it, but if you are a beginner and looking for a gaming platform, Steam can be the best pick. Different versions are available For Windows, Linux, and Mac users. By installing a compatible version of Steam on your computer, you can play 

Windows and Linux-centric games on your Mac computer.  

Photo & Video Editing Apps for Mac

Affinity Photo

A graphic editing tool that can prevent you from buying the monthly subscriptions of one of the most popular photo editing software. It’s a full-featured, one-time purchase and a potential alternative to Adobe’s photo editing behemoth.


Pixelmator is a graphic editing application with an extensive gallery of tools that allows for easy retouching, creating graphics, drawing vector graphics, painting, or adding captivating effects to the image. It is an all-in-one image editing application for users of all levels. 


When it comes to digital distribution, DVDs have become an integral part, which many photo editors usually lack. You can encode videos and convert media files using Handbrake. It integrates tools that allow for adding subtitles, splicing, adjusting frame rates, and more. 


Another Photoshop alternative for Mac users, available at a comparatively lower price. From the shadow effects to filters to layer control to vector-based paths, it has everything you need to edit any image just perfectly. 

Productivity Apps for Mac


A robust note-taking app that is simple to use, intuitive, and syncs seamlessly with the majority of apps you might be using. Its free version offers basic functions that include sync on two devices and 60 MB of monthly uploads. However, heavy users must go for the premium version. 

Google Chrome

The extensive ecosystem and faster speed make Chrome the best web browser for Mac users. It possesses the capability to sync all the information, including recent searches, open tabs, bookmarks, and more, across multiple smart devices and computers.

Battery Health 2

A battery monitoring tool is vital to inform the user well in advance when the battery is about to reach the low battery mark. It comes with a clean interface that displays Current Charge, macOS Health Status, Current Max, Power Usage, Cycle, Amperage, and Age. 


Keyboard Maestro

With a one-time purchase of Keyboard Maestro, you can avoid paying monthly subscriptions to use other productivity tools on your MacBook computer. You can automate a variety of tasks, eliminate load from your day-to-day activities, and be a productivity suite for users. 

Microsoft 365

The popular productivity suite includes Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, One Note, One Drive, and Outlook. Through your need to subscribe to a user package among Personal or Family, but each individual will get 1TB of storage on both the plans. 



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