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Best Apps for Quiz Practice Online

Everyone wants to flaunt what they know. Some even never leave learning new facts after school. This is why apps for quiz practice attract people of all age groups and professions. 

Whether you want to improve your existing knowledge base or want to put your friends in a surprise show of general awareness, what is the easiest way for you to prepare yourself? In this era of the internet, the obvious way for you is to use a mobile phone or a laptop.

As you can open your gadget anywhere anyplace, anytime they are the best way to start learning and prepare for any quiz. Practice the fun way with the time tests and top user reviews apps for practice online from Quiz Official.

Trivia Crack 2

Did you check Trivia crack? This sequel to it takes the excitement further up with the introduction of game modes, head-to-head time attack mode with the title Tower Challenge, and more. This Crack 2 brings daily challenges and tasks for you which you can ask your Facebook friends to join as well as play with randomly picked opponents.

In this version, you can create groups or teams with like-minded brainiacs. Though it has seen a lot of new features, the Trivia Crack Classic mode remains the same. This means you can still compete for themed characters related to different categories. In the Crack 2 edition, there are even more characters in some questions.


This application for android and iPhone users is totally free. It has many options with two basic modes. You can have fun playing solo games in offline mode or test your knowledge by taking the opponents head-on, in the online option.

Here you don’t have to put answers to a direct question. Rather, the way it accesses your ability is by giving you multiple choice answers. Pick the right one and your earning power goes up which you can later use to answer a difficult question.

Jeopardy brings you to question in whopping 26,000 categories, this means you would not see many repeats. At the same time using Jeopardy you can select a geographical location from the settings to compete in that region.

In addition to the option of going against friends and strangers, you can participate in live events and leaderboards to keep testing new waters. With this application on your phone, your sense of knowing all is always in jeopardy.


With the success of the Sporcle website, it made mobile phones on both android and iOS run Apple phones. Though the web option is still attracting a horde of enthusiasts, its mobile version is no less famous.

Sporcle is home to pop quizzes for which it has a name in the field. The app carries thousands of quizzes in a wide range of topics encompassing science, entertainment, history, literature. Here is a participant, you have to give your answer, so do others. 

The app updates new questions regularly making it one of the best apps for quiz practice. If you sign-up, you get the option to rate quizzes, comment, and create and upload your own questions.


This one is an inspiration from famous party games like Balderdash. Come up with the craziest of answers to these questions and overcome your friends by stunning them with your wit.

Psych! is free to use, but to get the maximum out you can make in-app purchases to unlock new packs of questions and remove advertisements.

Here each player has to submit a funny but reasonable answer. Once all the answers are collected. The submissions and the correct answer are displayed on your screen. Now the players have to find which one is the correct answer.

If a player among you chooses your pick, you get a point, at the same time if you guess the right answer, you will get an additional point. All of the people could be in the same room and this enhances the fun.

Who wants to be a Millionaire?

This is another game show from TV that got a version for mobile. Here the participants have to go through questions of increasing difficulty. Here you can get a classical lifeline 50:50, ask the expert, ask the audience, etc.

The only downside is that you won’t be given money for your right answers, but playing Who Wants to Be a Millionaire can give you points and leaderboard spots. Spend money to build up a bankroll and get mystery boxes with surprises.


Using these apps for quiz practice you can not only improve your basic knowledge but at the same time enjoy the activity as a source of fun. Furthermore, if you want to explore more Popcorn Trivia, Trivia 360, Kahoot, and Quizoid are some other options for you to check out. Tell us which one is your favorite among these mentions.


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