Airtel balance checks USSD codes

[[“PURPOSE\t”,”AIRTEL USSD CODE\n”],[“Check your Airtel balance.”,”*123#”],[“Check your Airtel number.”,”*282#”],[“Airtel has a variety of packages.”,”*121#”],[“Loans for Airtel talk time are available.”,”*141# or call 52141″],[“The code for Airtel’s data loan”,”*141# or call 52141″],[“Airtel’s missing call notification service”,”*888#”],[“Check out Airtel’s unlimited plans.”,”*121*1#”],[“Roaming or voice bundles from Airtel”,”*222#”],[“Check out Airtel’s Postpaid Bill Plan.”,”SMS \u201cBP\u201d To 121″],[“Due/Pending Amount Check for Airtel Postpaid”,”SMS \u201cOT\u201d To 121″],[“Check Your Airtel Postpaid Bill”,”SMS \u201cPMT\u201d To 121″],[“Check Your Airtel Postpaid Usage on the Current Plan”,”SMS \u201cUNB\u201d To 121″],[“Checking your Airtel data balance for 2G users”,”*121*9#”]]

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